Episode 142 : Crazy Joe gives the Orc Tribute

Everyone that visits the Shadowclan orcs must bring tribute, or they clomp you. Plain and Simple. 
They normally like horse meat, cakes, or fishsteaks, however I decide to take more lively tribute...

Here's Alastairs Siege character, "Ethin Hunt" (not the real one I found out)

And here we are! Luckly I have GM hide and Ethin Hunt is the only visible Tribute!

Zurp'igig seems to be one of the only orcs in the fort, but he's every so happy to run down Ethin Hunt for trasspassing!

I stealthed out the back door, while Ethin Hunt learned the dangers of ressing inside the Orc Fort. Yes,
those are all his corpses.

Finally the orcs had enough and killed the healer!

A few hours later, while escorting NPCs for cash, I found this NPC idiot!

(note, I'm in Nujel'm)