Episode 141 : 12/9/01 - Crazy Joe and Squirrel Pope his Trammel Despise

This was done months ago actually, before I got my cable modem back. Pope tells me Looting is still too fun in Trammel, I take my stealther to give it a try. Off to Despise, and there is a corpse of bones right at my feet in the entrance. And the corpse owner FINALLY made it back, but isn't too fast to looting...

There is still confusion between Looting and Stealing. Nothing has changed in my absence.

Nothing coerces me more to return looted goods than saying nice things such as what he did!



I do the old fashion recall-hide trick to see what they would say thinking I left...

...and It's OK!

I'm laughing on the inside, he called a GM!

However, it gets funnier :

When he said GM he didn't mean "Game master", he meant his
"Guild Master"! His GM, Lord Vortex shows up to see what's all the comotion.

Squirrel Pope (top left) shows up in time to see a new breed of GMs that players call.

Now this guy is a wonderful guildmate. He thinks his GM sucks!


Lots of sucking going on tonight.

Well, time to go into Despise.

I've been out of looting in Trammel for ages, and Squirrel Pope is forced
to take my newbie ass through Despise. Poor Pope.

This guy was sitting idle forever...I almost thought he lost connection.

We finally make it to Pope's playground, the Ogre Lord Island. He gets to work while I stealth around,
after all I'm on dial up and lagging A LOT.

This Tamer-Lockpicker is going around picking chest, then casting telekensis to open them.
Pope gets this bright idea to rush and loot the chest, however he has no clue I'm stealthing around
and looting the gold before either of those two can reach the chest!

For once, Pope is being honest.
And I bet he's quite confused.

Score again!

I reveal while stealthing, seems someone with high INT got too close to me :(

No matter, score again!

After another 6 chest, I'm overlooted and hit the bank, and then hit Deceit to check the rumors
the bone knights now spawn in massive numbers and the "wall" no longer exist.
I arrive in time to loot a guys corpse, and meet him on the other side.

This is why this episode took so long to post.
I didn't really want to give this guy the pleasure he wanted, but then decided to be nice.

Publish 16, that came in July 2002 made Trammel looting as dead as the do-do. Now, nobody can loot anyone's body or bones in Trammel.
So if the victim never gets back to his body within 10 minutes, and no guild mates or party members get his loot - it totally disappears! OUCH!