Episode 136 : Survive one of Crazy Joe's gates and win 5000 gold!

I'm fooling around tonight, and trying to complete my dungeon runebooks for the Rune Library.
Everyone here seems a bit bored, so I challenge Barnacle Bill - if he can survive going in one of my gates and
come back through alive, I'll give him 5,000 gold!


Oh well! He tried hard I bet! I decide to go see how far he got...

That's right folks! I sent Barnacle Bill to the Rat Fort!
Seems his arm got stuck in the fence and he couldn't get out. Oh well!
I'm not dumb, if I stick around long I'm toast, so I decide to take my leave and let Bill make it back on his own!

While we wait, I decide to humor the other two...

I take them to my new stuck spot, upstairs at the lighthouse!
I wonder...do pets still attack upon being released?

Nobody expected this! However it seems he won't attack anyone. Oh well.
They don't realize it yet though! 

I don't want everyone hiding...

oh oh, this is a guard zone! I was just about to provoke him onto them!

Better luck next time Bill!