Episode 131 : "Perma Testing, Free of Charge!"

Since School is out, it's time for Poison Elemental to go do some random acts of poisoning!

AcidGroove is my first test subject! He is Perma Gray, however
he escapes into the moongate with ease. 'dome' is nearby and robs me of....a BOOK!
I poison him, and he also retreats into the moongate.

oh oh, Willy is blue...

Oh well, Blue - but no cures!

Poor Willy's Friend doesn't realize you can't give counts as a Thief!

AcidGroove holds a grudge, and decides to cast poison on ME!
Keep in mind I just ressed and have a total of 5 hitpoints, OH NO!

Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Yes, I gave him one.

I return later and there's Willy, I wonder if Willy got a cure this time?

Guess not! Poor Willy!

Watch out folks, we got a Live Perma One here!

SkiFFle Shanks decides to attack me, but Wynona the guard shows up to assist me!

Iris Cain! I know him, lets see if he's Perma...

He's not!

OH DEAR! That's right, he damaged me less than 2 minutes ago,
Sorry SkiFFle Shanks, you get a count to!