Episode 129 : "Yet more fun at the Trammel Orc Fort"

I decide to yet again visit the Trammel Orc Fort to see what mayhem I can get myself into!

The lag at the Orc fort is HORRIBLE! No wonder everyone is dying! I try to remain hidden at all times.



Correction #  I didn't steal a ship - I simply moved it. #2  I didn't stand on the recall spot,
you can't recall onto a ship that's moving, and I set his boat on a slow forward down a
long lonely stretch at sea! 

Correction #3 : I haven't visited Trammel for months, and when I did I didn't frequent
the city of the dead.

Quite odd he doesn't want me to talk to him, when he started this conversation!
And yes, I steal to make a living.

Well, enough of this, STYLE seems to be in distress, time to go looting again!


I can't find STYLE's Corpse, but I find something still!


No wonder he died, he should always carry a katana of power or Vanquish to this fort!


I arrive just to see Sir Shinji fall down, what timing! And FULL Valorite Plate! However it seems I'm not the only looter here!

Sir Shinji returns, and falls yet again!

Oh my! I almost always offer a buyback program to my victims, however I remember
a good friend last week asked me too keep my eyes open for a Hally of Power, I told her
as a thief I can't steal them, so it is near impossible if I came across one - well spank me and call me Susy, I FOUND ONE!

This is one weapon that won't be offered for the buy back program! Friends before Victims I always say!

And who is this friend I speak of?

Leandra of the Stratics Spiels and Rants Forum!


In Leandra's defense, I missed the screenshot of what she said before "that makes me feel so good".
Leandra is the kindest, most generous person you probably could ever meet on the Atlantic Shard.
You'll never catch her stealing or looting from anyone, yet somehow we get along real well!
Thanks Leandra, I'm glad I could have fulfilled your request!