Episode 128 : "The Love that cannot be?"

Tonight I roam the Lich Forest, seeking out a know lich killer, Isabelle. My fellow guardians have warned me of this vile woman, one who thrives on vanquishing our lords and challenging anyone that steps in her way. Many fellow Guardians have dealt with her, however few of them have fallen at her feet. Since she is accustomed to dealing with Warriors and Mages, I feel it's time she dealt with a disarm thief! I don my disguise kit, and I'm known as "Rolf". I find evidence of someone killing liches, and hire a scout to keep watch for this Isabelle. 


Crazy Rabbit has a keen eye, and tells me to run to the south! 

I find this Isabelle, however she is not
vile as I was told, she is beautiful! I am at a loss for words. Surely this woman isn't the one
I'm sworn to kill? My heart betrays me, I don't wish to harm this beautiful woman!



I try to resolve my inner conflict, and once again focus my attention on disposing of her. 


I initiate the attack, however I simply can't find the will to harm her (not like I can anyway). 
Second, she wields a heavy mace, there wont be any stealing today. Even though I started the attack, 
she wont come at me. Perhaps she is being seduced by my charming good looks as well? 

I shake off my confusion again, but not before Isabelle decides to attack! I instinctively disarm her weapon, 
but like I stated there is nothing more I can do.


Seems Love makes a man stupid - or perhaps that mace of Feeblemindness? I can't help it, Isabelle's beauty
is seducing me. Perhaps she will see the err of her ways and join us instead?

I'm into a little "Tough Loving" like any other man, however I don't want to be restrained in the middle of the road, 
I much rather prefer the comfort of my home. Ah! I home! That is how I will vanquish this seductive woman!

A brilliant plan, however the Terrain is invalid. The beast Lord British and his pompous architects are to blame!



I can't seem to poison her with my Katana, and there is nothing I can do but use more bandages to keep myself
alive, for that mace his hard! I decide to steal what I can and leave before she seduces me further. 

I return to Tanq's house to retrieve my loyal scout, however it seems he has been betrayed by the ones I serve to protect.

Indeed tonight there is a conflict of interest brewing within me.