Episode 127 : 5/29/01 - Crazy Joe meets Bladeskin and Marauder!

I'm strolling through Shame and meet someone that knows me and compliments me on my website. 
Well, if they know me and my website, chances are they know I'm a thief, so they should now full well what to expect from me... right? Well...evidently not. 

My fan has a bag with a full spellbook and 2 runebooks in his main pouch. 
* Yoink *

I honestly have no use for these runebooks, and I have all the spellbooks I need. 
I guess its time to introduce him to the Crazy Joe Buy Back Program!

Why does everyone refer to their valuables as 'shit'?



This is yet another reason why I support the "Can't tame it, Shouldn't own it" campaign against tamers. 
He's prancing around on a mare and yet doesn't have 5,000 gold to buy back his stuff?
I almost recall to bank my loot, then I realize
my loot is blessed and I can't lose it! Silly me, I'm such a noob sometimes. 

Evidently he was a my fan up until he met me. 
I lose more fans this way. However I decide to help him earn his 5,000 gold since
it's painfully oblivious to him how to do this. 


Oopsha Loopsha! Seems he wishes harm upon me!
This isn't good when you are buying back your merchandise whatsoever. 

while he was checking suttin, I was "checking in" his sword. 


I go into shame to let him have some time alone to realize his situation. 
I return five minutes later and he's using the mare as I suggest to raise some funds. 

I decide I can't wait all night for him, so I give him
a spare rune to Scoundrels' Cove Town Hall, and go put his stuff on the vendor. 

10 minutes later and he's all the way on the other side of Shame, still 
raising his much needed funds. 

While he's busy, I go take a run by the yew Liches and spy someone doing pretty well
for himself and he's carrying something quite attracitve!

I recall home to secure the spear, and I see Bladeskin has
raised the 6,000 gold required to retrieve his belongings.
Twas a pleasure doing business with thee Bladeskin!

Now lets see if Marauder wishes to participate in the buy back program.

No, he doesn't.

We play tag for about 5 minutes and I run out of red potions, and he's smart to not stay still and
let me rob him. I have to take my leave, and return to Shame. However I forget that I ran out of
red potions, and find myself trapped in my own recall spot by four elementals. I was able to cast Recall
without being interupted, however I fizzed and bit  the dust. So ends my night.