5/29/01 - Fun and Not-so-fun in Ice Dungeon

Ice Dungeon has been one of my favorites for ages. My Bard Lockpicker loves the many Level 4 chest scattered around, plus the Ice Ogre Lords give great loot. However, it was always a quite dungeon until OSI put statues on the Rat Mages. Downside was my bard lockpicker started to run into more people. Good news was my Thief has a new place to hunt!

"Face-Biter" is a red here in Ice Dungeon one night, that is carrying an orc bow!
Such a fine weapon, and since he's red there is no risk in getting a murder count by
attack-disarming him! WOO HOO!

He has a magic Kryss of some sort, and wants my
blood. Little does he know I already put the bow in a safe place outside
Ice Dungeon in case I die.

I came out of hiding, and Face-Biter was now holding a spear,
which made stealing the Kryss much easier!

And what a Kryss!
I get my bow and go put them in my house,
Face Biter was all to profitable!

I head to the Orc Fort at yew, and peek in Destiny's bag. She has a Interior Decorator tool
that unfortunately is blessed, but she also has a water Trough deed? Well, I have
never stolen a Trough, no time like the present!

I return to Ice Dungeon and meet Nicholi.
A tamer with an impressive title! I snoop him and find his Mandrake root,
the chase is on!  Unfortunatly my system hangs every time I take a picture lately,
so I didn't get many. However we ran out left and right - me getting his regs, and
him sicking his dragon on me. I finally decide to try to kill him with poison, and
weild my newbie dagger. I hit him once, however he quickly cures. Since I can't win,
I decide it's best to see how long either one of us can survive.

After what I think was 10 minutes, I finally die. Even though I lost,
this was probably the most fun I had in a long time. Since I died, I decide
to offer a deal - if he resses me I'll hand over 10,000 gold. I do this
to many of my victims that beat me - and as of yet nobody has
ever claimed the prize.

He won't ress, but is kind enough to gate me to Skara Brae.
A honorable opponent, I shall treat him with more respect next time I see him.