5/28/01 - Cat and Mouse 

I arrive in Khaldun and things sure are odd. In the very back I find
piles of Gold all over the ground, totaling 12,000 gold total. I pick it all up, then
I spy a corpse ! I see a man standing on the corpse looting in and remain blue - it 
must be his guildmate or perhaps someone in his party. I quickly Target his Sword, 
however he runs off and hides. I find him quickly, as I keep trying to ID the sword until I "Find" it!
I finally get a response from the computer, and hone in on my looter. 

Oh dear. This is one sword I must acquire! 
He is hidden, and I need him to come out. 
I risk a murder count and use a purple potion to first flush him out, 
and hopefully he will attack me!

The plan works like a charm, however I am embarrassed as I fail to steal the sword!
I think he will most certainly rush the exit now or even recall, however he continues to chase me, then
run off to hide. He wishes to kill me, but also he realized I am a disarm thief. We hunt each other
in this dungeon for about 3-5 minutes, I wish his sword, he wishes my corpse on the ground. 

He finally makes it outside, and once again I start to 
ID the "last target". I get many 'I can't see the item" until I finally
get a response, and sure enough I hone in on him. He is hidden here and 
his friend is resurrected, hidden with him. 

Both men come out of hiding once they are ready and challenge me, I accept and allow
myself to be attacked, this time I win the prize!

Such a gorgeous weapon, sad that it's poisoned, and tainted with
my blood (always carry a cure!)  - This something I can take 
care of later. 

I throw the sword in my house, then return and they both hide. 
I wish to conduct business, do they?

It appears they do not wish to do any business. 

I return two minutes later and try to sell it again. This time his friend wishes to talk, 
and I know Korak is right behind me!

He doesn't care for the +25 tactics, he is very 
educated about the bonuses, however he doesn't seem 
to interested in doing business....

Seems all business discussions are over, Korak wants to simply kill me!
In a most surprising turn of events, my horse runs out stamina!
I didn't realize I have been running this long non-stop!

I didn't let my horse rest long enough. I run out again, 
and they kill me. 

Their prize : A Full GM Archer Suit by Crazy Joe, 
9 Silk, 6 trapped pouches, 3k gold (that I got off the ground on my 2nd trip)
and 3 items of nightsight (including the cape). 

My prize I think was much better, however the humor isn't over yet :

Then I guess they attacked for for their honor?

Remember these men. You can rob them and they won't care for their loss, 
they only wish to kill you!

LOL! They didn't' know much about thieves!