5/28/01 - The Trial of Greater Cad of GUL 

I tested Tanq of GUL over a month ago, and I tested Cad that night as well, 
however I finally found the time to go through the screenshots. This trial 
however was blundered on my part, however I'm still pleased how it turned out. 

That's me on the right asking about the party. 
That's cad at the bottom asking where my red bandana is. 

This is where I totally screwed up. I didn't know I was
in combat mode and only wanted to open Cad's Paperdoll and prepare to snoop him. 
My entire plan was now scrapped, and I had to think quick, for Cad doesn't
wait to retaliate!

He steps close and I get to target his Ash, 
he's a Mindblast Caster, and I need to 
put an end to that ASAP!

Magic Reflection - A very underutilized spell that all thieves should use!

I got what I thought was all his Ash....

It seems he has more !

I just noticed I'm out of bandages - I didn't
do a great job of refitting myself after Testing Tanq!


Cad opened a gate to town, but then I spilled the beans for him.
We had a great laugh. He didn't return any of my loot! ><