4/30/01 - Crazy Joe goes looking for Love...in all the wrong places. 

Hail fellow scoundrels! I wish I could bring you a tale of laughter, however that isn't in the cards today. I am a lonely man, and need the affection of a woman like any other man (well, nine out of ten men at least). I roam around lonely in the jungles west of Trinsic, and meet such a beautiful woman. I have feelings for her,  it may be love, or maybe lust -- I can't tell. All I know is I am a man with needs, and I need to Score.Premarital sex is wrong, and even a thief such as myself wishes to maintain some standards and dignity. 

She actually is wandering around my small tower on Seige Perilous, 
perhaps she is shy since she says nothing. This is Seige Perilous, and I die more often than any other shard. It would be in my best interest to marry someone that can actually contribute to cause here.  I wander off, to think of a way to woo this Ajinora off her feet.... but meet my untimely death to a Giant Serpent. I rush back in hopes that Ajinora will open up to me. 

She thinks about it, and actually does resurrect me! SHE DOES LOVE ME!
I quickly put a call into a Counselor to marry us right away!   

("I request a counselor to marry me to this wandering Healer!")
While we wait for the counselor to arrive, I bring the healer
into my house and block the exit. I can't let this girl leave my sights!

After awhile, a Game Master, not a Counselor, arrives! He informs
me that this task can't be performed by a mere counselor. I am worried, and
hope he's here to fulfill my request.

Ajinora is indeed upset, seeing how she can't make an escape, nor can she
speak on her behalf (thanks to Localization, she doesn't say much at all!)

I only asked for love, and I'm being denied even that. Truly the saddest day in my life. 


She's Hot! She Resses! She's everything I ever wanted! Well, if we can't
be married, that won't stop me from getting what I REALLY WANT from her, 
all I need is a way to keep her from leaving...


Well, it seems GM Fnord can't help me score some poonanny legally or illegally. 
As soon as he leaves, Ajinora has finally had enough of my mistreatment, and
decides the only way out of my house is through me. 

Ajinora is a cunning wench - my horse
blocks her exit from my house, and all wandering healers
have a strict policy - they can't resurrect anyone inside a
house. I am forced to leave my house and find a healer elsewhere.
When I return, my horse has gone wild and Ajinora is nowhere to be seen.

If thou shouldst see Ajinora wandering around, tell her I still love her.

And find out what where her sister lives, or wanders, or whatever.