4/06/01 - The Trial of Tanqueray of GUL

I quit GUL last night, for only a brief period of time - I have some secret plans that I won't disclose now. However, my plans didn't work out and I return to Shame - but in Disguise as "Bryce" in efforts to meet some ex-fellow GUL. Many have questioned the honor of GUL, and some even say that they Kill without reason. I decide to test a few of the GUL and see if any are dishonorable. My first encounter is with Tanqueray - he has been known to be the most honorable Killer of GUL, so it's a pleasure to be testing him first. 


FYI : For folks that don't know GUL, Lord British is their sworn enemy, the one 
that is responsible for killing the great Mages that have arisen as the Lich that GUL has
has sworn to protect. Aligning myself with British pretty much signs a death warrant! 

I give Tanq some BS story, and he doesn't bother to attack me. He decides to chit chat first instead. 
Hardly the actions of a blood thirsty Player Killer no doubt! 

He allows me to leave with my life. Very impressive. Leaving however would 
not make for a fun episode, so I must stick around. 



Lord Sog shows up and interrupts the entire process of things. 
Poor Tanq now is dealing with two clowns. However the situation gets 
more foolish when Sog notices that Tanq doesn't sport the much-requested
red bandana. 


I notice Tanq disarmed his Kryss! Since it was poisoned, I must relieve him of it. 
I'm thinking he isn't attacking me because he doesn't want another foolish murder count. 
Maybe a little gray over my head will calm his nerves? 

Tanq doesn't even notice! 


I still think he doesn't notice I have the Kryss. 


He got really quite, I think he's looking for something....

He takes off after Sog! Could it be he really thinks Sog
robbed him!? (Since Tanq's not on ICQ now, I can't be sure...)

They run out of Shame and I stick around, finally he returns with 
Sog following close behind. 

It takes a lot to provoke this man. I finally
decide to fight with words, seeing how I have no combat or
magery skills to fight with. 


Note to Self : Make sure you keep count of your Hide Delay. I got Lucky. 

Things got really confusing, a man named "Borden" shows up
and attacks Tanq on sight. He is interfering with out gameplay. Before I can 
take action, Tanq chases him out of Shame and returns, By the time I get
myself together, Borden is gone...he was grieving us! 

Tanq is under severe pressure now. Two Clowns and one that
directly threatens his life. 

Borden returns, this time he will pay for his interruptions.

With a little assistance, Tanq quickly disperses of Borden.
I would not allow Borden to "steal my kill", Tanq and I have
business to finish.

While Tanq resses the man, I finally can target and ID
his new weapon. Such a nice weapon, a pity it will
never draw my blood. I won't steal it now - very tasteless
and in the company of so many that would love to kill a thief!

Cad Shows up, no doubt to deal with the ones that are
interfering with Tanq. Or perhaps would it be Two Vs One?
Would be interesting to see....

Cad doesn't assist Tanq whatsoever - he keeps himself
uninvolved. He also seems to be an honorable chap.

Well, since he has decided to attack, I will relieve him of that spear.



I grab his newest spear, in the company of other GUL. Once again, they keep themselves
uninvolved. Tanq follows me in a chase to the woods! I would hate to be killed by anyone
other than Tanq, and lose his spear, so I start to keep track of time so I can go drop off the spear at his house.

Oh boy. I put the bag down with his weapons, and
he recalls in. I think its time I let Tanq in on the gig, and reveal myself.
he quickly runs to the door and dismounts his horse, blocking my escape.

He almost kills me, but I quickly spurt out, "It's Crazy Joe!"
before he finishes me off. His face is full of shock, and we laugh it up a while.

Tanqueray is no doubt an honorable GUL. I suit up, change disguises, and return to test another.