4/07/01 - Crazy Joe's BEST Theft Ever!

I never claimed to be the greatest thief, nor did I ever claim to have stolen the most loot. However tonight I have stolen the best weapon of my entire thieving career, and the day just started out as any other would.

I now add the Yew Lich Forest on my regular visits. Today I recall in and follow the lich corpses and find Killer. However, Killer didn't seem to make it out alive on the last lich!

I loot a silver sword, 3,000 gold, and many gems, then
realize there is nobody else and recall to Khaldun.

In Khaldun I meet a mighty Tamer. He caries a locked chest
with him, so I can't steal his mandrake root. However I decide to
steal a simple silver sword from him, knowing one day it may be sold
to someone who wishes to hunt liches.

FYI, I am in disguise as "Seth".

They squabble over which will take my life and someone familiar
steps into the area, for it's Killer! The Lich Killer!

I return with "unlock" spell precasted to see if I
can get into The Tamer's Chest, however I see
that the Spectral Armors have assisted me in obtaining said chest!

Now with the tamer's regs no longer an issue, I return to deal with his pet Dragon,
Turkey. Turkey seems to be hurting pretty bad, and must be put out of her
misery. I lure her to Doctor Zealot.

Such a fine Doctor he is, Turkey no longer feels any pain!
Now with Khaldun clear, I make my way to the mages of Fire Dungeon, but
it seems they let their pets out for the night and they weren't very fond of me....

It has been days since I died to a victim or monsters. I am shocked and dismayed, then slowly make my
way to Serpent's Hold. (I started out the night at Grimore, and had a few folks kill me to clear out my
Perma Status, seeing how I haven't died for almost four days...such a shame to die like this after that!)

The next half hour is quite silent. It's late Sunday night, and seems everyone has gone to bed.
I recall to Khaldun to take one more sweep, when I spy a fine warrior at the entrance.
My mouth drops open at identifying her weapon and I hesitate not in obtaining it!

My apologies, for Amoya is a woman. She claimed to have
visited Khaldun to obtain books from the inhabitants. However, I know
that weapon will do much harm to them to obtain said books. I can't allow
such a travesty to occur, but on the other hand my heart pounds with Excitement
at such a fine theft.

"Well cant you steal from others"

Mi'lady, why would I rob others, when you are carrying the finest weapon
I have ever laid eyes on? She recalls in disguise and dismay, and I take my leave.
I use Arms Lore on the weapon and it tells me it's falling apart! Such a pitty, I contact
Jade of GUL that is all to kind to repair the weapon so that I may treasure it for some time.