4/06/01 - Going on GUL Patrol again.

Atlantic once again is too laggy, so I make my way to Napa Valley. First stop of course, is Khaldun.

I run into HonestTheif, who I 'borrowed" many reagents from the night before.
Tonight he holds no grudge, and I leave him in peace when I hear other
adventurers in the dungeon.

Green Eyes is gray, and holding a sword. She also has a history of carrying
fine magic weapons, so I move in and take hers without bothering to identify it.

Once again, she doesn't fail to disappoint.

I run outside and notice two ghost! I ress them both, then run in after
they both ask me to return their regs - I saw both their corpses, however
neither carried any reagents. It seems there is another looter in Khaldun!

Lysander saw Grimmoch loot both corpses, and apparently he's furious
Grimmoch wont share! I hide and snoop Grimmoch to determine how I may go about
getting the loot from him. I allow Lysander to damage Grimmoch down to his last breath,
then I pull out a deadly poisoned katana I stole earlier and give Grimmoch the final blow.

The key was a dud, however I got 200 of each reagent
between the two looted adventurers!

Khaldun clears out quickly, so I make my way to the Yew Liches.
I recall right next to a liche corpse, then wind through the forest till I find
the attackers. I pretend to be lost, only to get close enough to steal
the weapon of the man that seems to be doing most of the killing.

REDBEARRD is confused to where his sword has gone, and
Bladerunner continues to attack the liches. I will not stand for such
actions, and relieve Bladerunner of his weapon.

Now REDBEARD weilds a halberd while Bladerunner a deadly poisoned sword.
They fail to land a hit on me for a few minutes and recall out. I walk off to identify
the weapons used against the liches tonight...


One of the nearby liches calls out to me, and tells me of a warrior in Shame that is killing
the mages left and right. I quickly bank the weapons and gather my dungeon supplies and head out.

At the entrance of Shame I was jumped by two red warriors, one mage and one fencer.
I didn't have much time, however I was able to hide, then target the fencers spear. He disarmed it
and cast Reveal, which is when I ran out and stole his spear. I ran off, and was delighted to see
that after a long period of stealing only swords, I finally stole a fencing weapon that my vendor
would be proud to sell!


I don't have time to bank the weapon, so I head back into Shame to find the other warrior killing
the mages.

FiNgErS indeed is killing mages left and right, and with such ease. His weapon must be a powerful
one, and the mages are helpless against it. I prepare myself...

Before he knows what's going on, I take his weapon.
The mages laugh with delight as now the odds are in their favor.
There is not much more I can do for them, so I run down the
corridor to identify the weapon.

Such a fine weapon indeed! The Mages
are once again safe from harm, and I retire for the evening.