4/06/01 - Power Axes for Sale! 

Tonight I go undercover, and change my name to "Talbot" and pocket the red bandana. I was attacked on sight twice upon entering some of my popular points of interest, not allowing me to pick and chose my targets. Sure I can quickly deal with the ones that attack me, but meanwhile I may miss out on something better. 

 If you haven't noticed, the past few nights all I can seem to steal is Swords. No fencing, no mace, and no archery weapons. My vendor has 20 Sword Weapons on him. I don't know what's going on, but tonight was no exception. I enter  Napa Valley and run into an old victim I remember from the Britain Graveyard. He has a reparation for carrying decent magic weapons, so I don't even bother IDing this weapon before I acquire it...

His track record is amazing isn't it? I shall 
put no negative marks on his reports today. 

Wow. I love this guy. This time he pulls out a 
GM Axe, which doesn't interest me further. 

After many failed attempts to kill me, 
he leaves, and I'm alone yet again. Time to check on the Yew Liches. 

Before I can even snoop 'blade", the lich
finishes him off. Which is good, seeing how I can't kill 
such a fine warrior in that armor. He returns soon, but 
the lich claims his life again; that lich holds a serious grudge
to those that bring harm to him.  

He certainly came prepared to kill the liches. I bank these items, along with 5,000 gold. I slip myself into the Grandmaster Armor, seeing how my current armor is falling apart. I only take what is of value to me, and leave the rest for his return. I search around, but I do not have a pouch with a book and red bandana - it was liberated off my corpse last night and I never got a new one, such a shame indeed. My disguise wears off I notice, so I slip back on the bandana.  

"Honest Theif" is upset at me and another fellow thief that has joined me for the evening. 
He claims this 'blade' was a new warrior to our lands. 
New warriors should learn the ways of Feluca, and second ignorance 
is no excuse; you harm our lords, and you stand to lose your life and possessions. 

Honest Thief (notice he misspelled his name)
takes action! I snoop and quickly find reagents --  it
's time to
render Honest Thief helpless.

Honest Thief takes off, so we thieves take off to Shame.
A few warriors are about, however my companion falls to Kaisah Crasblade.
I can't avenge his death with taking his life, so I attempt to take the weapon
stained with blood.  

I am shocked! I haven't failed to steal an item in so long, Now I have 3 warriors
on my tail, so I take to the woods and Kaisah follows as I hoped.

He pulls out a Poisoned Sword, and knows where I am hiding.
However, he is busy with two dire wolves and a troll. I easily evade him while
he's blocked by them!

Kaisah's brother arrives, however they lost me. I have mixed feelings of tonight :
three Axes, and one katana -- All Sword Weapons. - My vendor will be upset that he
needs to explain to the customers again that we are out of Fencing, Macing, and archery weapons.