4/05/01 - Crazy Joe meets an Intellectual. 

Tonight, I start off on Napa, and do my rounds. Not much is going on, and the only thing of 
interest is a power sword, and a nice compliment. 


Napa seems dead today, so I hop over to Atlantic and Check out my local places 
of interest, Khaldun being my first stop. 

There is no need for a tamer to have a sword, is there?
Well, I think not, so I help myself to his katana. 

He insults me some more, and can't seem to land
a succesful poison or mindblast on me. While he is trying to 
Kill me, I see I need help and lure over a few friends of mine...

Grimmoch and a Zealot make a quick floormap of Dissident, 
and turn their attention to his pet, Oblivion. 

I quickly loot Dissident, while other residents of Khaldun
turn their attention to his steed, Entrophy. 

While the others take care of Entrophy, I take a look at my Loot. 
100-150 of each reagent, and several weapons to ID!

One way for a thief to get into a locked box is to simply 
loot it, and the key!

As I stock up my vendor, I find a plate mail
in a small pouch Iooted, quite a haul today!

I return to Khaldun, and Dissident is there, but this time
he sports a halberd! Oh Dear! (What Dissident doesn't know is
I killed myself in Trammel, clearing my Perma!)

I elude Dissident, however a murderer named "Zachary" is about!
I am carrying only 10 bandages, and actually came here to die by 
dissident's hands and summon the revenant for him to play with, however
I allow Zachary the pleasure of killing me.

Good News : Revenant is here.
Bad News : He is pretty screwed up tonight.

Dissident finds my corpse, but is a tad miffed that
I have no loot on me. He expected me to run around with all that loot? The Fool!

Whoah! He will ress me!
Perhaps to bargain for his loot?

Nay! Time for Intellectual Conversation!

So if you aren't doing 'crap', I should leave you alone?

I'm confused. This man seems like he has "DaneBlackItus", I shouldn't
rob blues??

I never knew there was a difference 
between Murderers and PK's. I'm such a Noob!

Other than the fact he sports a Hally, why should I avoid him?

I'm here to enjoy myself as well! And enjoy stealing and looting!
I'm sorry, but I don't have a "quota" system. I'll continue to rob and Loot
till you decide to never return. It's a disease I have, I can't help myself.