3/26/01 - CrazyJoe participates in the "Bob Buyback Program"

Before you read this, you MUST read Episode 108

I'm still in disguise from the night before, and my name is "Marc". 
I like to get into character when I'm in disguise, however I am missing something
to complete this transformation.... 

For tonight, I enlist the services of "moo" to hunt down the the finest
weapons merchant in all of Napa. She claims she has connections, and can
find me a blessed katana. 

Of course, things go much faster with I give 'moo' an ICQ I had handy from 
a few nights ago. "Bob" is more than eager to sell a blessed katana to me for 100,000 gold. 


"Bob the Respectable" doesn't wish to let his fame drop any further, so 
he loads up someone else to die for us. 



Unfortunately, he didn't' have any decent loot on him,
so we wait two minutes for him to return to us.
Now that he performed Task "A", it's time
for Task B, first I use Arms Lore on the sword to
make sure he won't switch it on us later.


Please keep the Arms Lore result in mind here, it will
prove interesting later....

Bob may have been playing for three years,
but he has been out of the loop it seems and
doesn't know about changes made to newbie weapons.

Task "B", lock it down in  your house to prove it's not a newbie item.


"This is becoming quite an adventure"
Actually Bob, its becoming quite an episode!

While he takes his time to bring over the house owner,
moo and I go peeking in other houses.

Now that I think about it, the ice staff is melting.

"Charity" recalls in to check out the vendor.
Since we are still waiting, I decide to try and sell Charity the house.

She claims she doesn't have 200k, and recalls out.
Bob returns again, and still has trouble locking down
the Katana!

Things are starting to smell fishy, and he claims there are new lockdown limits.
he released a few things to free up 'space'.

Still no luck in locking that katana down!
However he picks the katana up again and places it back down...
and this time, it DOES lock down!! How can that be?!?

I use Arms lore on the katana, and learn it's not the 'blessed' Katana anymore!
Bob is trying to cheat me!

This the Katana that is locked down

And this is the katana I lored at the healers!


I do the Recall and Hide trick, but moo
actually does recall out. Poor Bob has seen
the result when you try to con Marc, errr, Crazy Joe!

Now that I had my fun, I ICQ "Bob" with my
Website, and a link directly to Episode 108, and inform him
I was Marc and later this week I'll post this episode.

Bob and I had a great chat for the night. I respect him for not being a Trashtalker
like I prepared myself for. It turns out Bob was out of the loop in UO for quite some time, and didn't know
about the changes made to Newbie weapons. Perhaps I'll give Bob a chance to regain his 50,000 gold,
alas that will have to wait for another day!