3/26/01 - TETD : Theives for the Ethical Treatment of Dragons

I am in town getting ready to head out, and find the Thief GM 
while in Trammel stocking my vendor. I guess since he's around, 
I can make a quick buck (disguise kits cost only 700 gold)

I hit Khaldun and find a Tamer, Dundain, with not one, but two dragons
near along the west wall towards the back. Since he is deep 
inside Khaldun, I figure he may want to stay awhile, so I steal 
all his mandrake root - now he can't heal, paralyze, or gate portal. 

He is quite upset, however he walks by me and I get a peek into
his backpack, and I ID a nice weapon he no doubt ably looted
from a monster. 

The tamer's hatred for me grows, and he is distracted by
two Spectral armors, I take this opportunity to attack 
one dragon, and luring him to the very back of Khaldun. 

He tells me he is lonely back here, I'm shocked to find not
a single Zealot or Spectral armor anywhere, so I leave him be and return
for the other dragon. 

Yosha, someone who has visited the GUL boards is here, he's the one 
sporting the halberd and distracting Dundain for me. I take this opportunity
to attack the other dragon and lure him to his brother. 

Unfortunately, Yosha meets an untimely demise and the Tamer returns
to fetch his pets. The entire night, he would give commands for the 
dragons to follow him, but they ignored him more than 50% of the time....
It seems this Tamer purchased these pets and has little control over them, 
and I continue to attack and lure them in hopes they would finally go wild. 

Sucess! The red dragon goes wild less than a minute later, and is killed
by it's very own brother!

It seems I brushed by the tamer here while he is invisible. The other dragon went wild
while killing its brother, how convenient! The tamer recalls out in a frenzy, I was unable to
give him my pouch with the book of the Guardian.

The Zealot comes around the corner and informs me of other
adventurers to the north, none of which is wearing a red bandana.
Since it's a single thief facing several adventurers, I employ the services
of the recently liberated Smaug.

I run into them while the 'train' of critters are a full screen away
and invisible. I hide right between all of them, and the monsters retarget.
All of these people are mages and bards....save one that I scope out while hidden.


While they are busy with the dragon, I steal a Silver
cutlass of ruin from my mark.

Smaug falls, and I think they are going to turn their attention onto me...

Adelaide attacks! However my comrade
Grimmoch the Might Archer shows up just in time, and targets
Adelaide! I target Adelaide's sword and nab it while she takes a pounding
from Grimmoch. All her friends concentrate their efforts on Grimmoch and fail
to keep Adelaide healed, which leads to her death.

Not a bad night. I prevailed against large odds. Tamers and guilds alike
that frequent Khaldun will have to face me, rarely do they come prepared !