3/26/01 - Crazy Joe - Blessed Weapon Merchant

I am in Khaldun tonight, and a thief tries to rob me! Rob ME! Crazy Joe!
However he targets my newbie Kryss that is deadly poisoned, and see's he can't steal it. He goes for the Katana, and he can't steal it. He asked me if they are blessed, and I say that they are. He then gets my ICQ and tells his buddy that I have two blessed weapons! I tell them they are for sale, so it's off to Trammel Britian I go to meet his friend!
Marshal is the thief, and Bob is his friend. 

I show them my weapons, I think one of these
katanas may be loot from Khaldun but I assure them that
one of them is blessed. They need proof, so we go to the healers. 

I show them the swords again and make sure I am
standing in the middle of the road 

Once Bob is satisfied that those are the swords...
Then I attack an NPC Healer!

They check my corpse and find only ONE katana!

Bob is impressed!

I always said any Newbie can make money 
too easily in Ultima Online! All they need to do is sell
their Newbie Weapons!

Bob places an order with me, but I tell him 
those are a tad harder to come by. 

I pretend to recall and hide....

Marshall asked Bob for the Kryss, 
(I missed that screenshot, because of what
Bob pulls out of his backpack and mounts
totally shocks the hell out of me)

Yes. Bob has an  ethereal horse.
And he's not going to share his
Blessed Kryss with his buddy!

They walk off, and I dry my eyes from the tears of laughter.