3/26/01 - Crazy Joe guards the Undead

Tonight it's very quite on Napa, I'm talking dead quite. I recall all over and my hotspots are all dead quite. Maybe I stole too much last night?Well, I hear that other graveyards are something to check out, so I pack my supplies and go visit all the graveyards. 

Taramantha Val is barding from the safety of a fence. I normally
don't bother snooping bards since they normally don't carry anything of worth, however 
this bard has something that peeks my interest. 

The hold was empty, but a new small dragon boat is a good steal. 

I return to town and find the previous boat owner, 
and try to sell it back. (I have five boats now!)
They don't wish to conduct any business whatsoever. 

I recall to Moonglow, and find Bold Opie using the undead to help him raise his
resist magic. I snoop him out and find an excellent Shield!

He is a Macer, so I can't steal much more from him. However
I return a minute later and he is gone, my theft drove him away.

This evening, I go to the Serpents Hold Alchemist and find
no Vender! Seeing how this is my favorite town due to
non-faction inflation, I really could use an Alchemist (notice
tonight I'm in disguise, I wanted blonde hair!)

I literally made a mess in my pants, he looks so much like the Revenant
and I thought I killed someone by accident down here!

I nearly cried when I Identified his weapon. Such a fine weapon,
and weighing 10 stones.....and yet I can't steal it.

I finally decide to visit my home, Khaldun. While I was away the Ancient Liche Perished,
however he did take a life with his own. I help myself to Lothrin's belongins,
6,500 gold and 100 of each reagent.

I leave him the book and red scarf, and hopefully
he will read it and next time leave the liche alone.

I find him later, and with a new companion. He seems irate that he has been looted,
and is fabricating lies about me! I looted him clean, and hid near they body,
He never saw me till I recalled to the bank (since I was overloaded!)

I see him minutes later, without the bandana
I left him. Seems he didn't read the book. He has no Mandrake root,
so he can't gate his pets home. However his companion did. I relieve him of his root!

The quickly attack me, since they have nothing more to lose
I lead them deep into Khaldun!

My disguise JUST wore off, however they don't know my true name yet.
And what timing! Another thief has entered Khaldun, and starts stealing
reagents as well. Since I am no longer in disguise, I take my leave and call it a night.