3/26/01 - "Welcome to Khaldun, may I check your bags?"

I am feeling pretty good tonight - I just stole a house on Napa, and taking it easy tonight. 
I'm showing Beldin and Jade a nice little area for a safe spot for GUL get togethers, when Mocoso
sends word that "BlackHound" has a silver Katana of Might. Well, I ran in and relieved him of it right away! 

I bank the fine weapon and return expecting a fight, however I see a slew of new 
adventures, and one of them carries an even better weapon! Kaltivel (the ancient Lich) is nearby, and
I relieve Bullwinkle of the weapon before he can do any harm the great undead lord.  

Kaltivell is pleased and comes over to deal with the intruders. 

Bullwinkle returns with a new weapon, however I was ready for him. 

Kaltivel did a fine job in my absence, I return to see three corpses at the exit. 
I retrieve 100-150 of each reagent and a boat key! Kaltivell informs me he has
the situation under control and so I take my leave to retrieve the boat. 

Looks like I need to visit the land of the Swine. 

Such a fine vessel indeed! The best of the fleet!

Three 'Big Fish'. I have no time to mess with the loot, so 
I replace the boat (and a new set of keys) and throw the cargo
into the hold once again. 

Just when I thought my night could not get better,"D'ies el"  walks by me
with a Broadsword of Vanquishing! I attack him outright, and he decides
to retaliate and attack me as well. He could not have done any better!

I hide off in the shadows to double check I didn't
make any mistakes, and I'm pleased to see I have acquired
another vanquishing weapon!

Beldin and another fellow thief come to Khaldun to see D'ies el and his friends. 
They don't attack Beldin at first, but Beldin decides to deal with one of them personally.  
Meanwhile, I lure D'ies el away from the commotion and steal another weapon 
when he retaliates for my actions tonight.  

I return to the entrance of Khaldun and I see D'ies el hide -- 
he's right under my horses nose. He takes off to the north and I follow him.
Again he hides and I find him right away. He is carrying another nice sword of 
Force, however I need him to come out of hiding....


He falls for such a silly trick, and comes out of hiding to attack me!
Even my fellow thief thought I was serious about being overloaded!

He returns later with another sword, but only of Might.

Finally he leaves back towards the entrance, so we all regroup. 
D'ies el is hidden right by the corpses, while his friend demands
his swords back. I offer to sell them, but he said he wants them, 
he is not interested in actually buying them.  

D'ies el and Dirk Gently's are not happy with the situation, and recall out leaving us
with threats of retaliation. I can't help but laugh at D'ies el's parting words, "ill be back u newbies". 

I think about it,and D'ies el is right. I must be a newbie -- for I haven't ever had such a fine
selection of weapons at one time  in my entire time. I bow my head in 
shame for realizing what a putz I am. Then I realize I do have such a fine selection of
weapons at one time now! Thanks to D'ies el, I am no longer a newbie!

We return to Khaldun, and I bump into something invisible. 
It seems in our absence someone has returned. 

This time they are all a little more alert. "erik" has joined them in trying to 
kill us. I lag out during the chase and regain my bearings alone. 
I gain some Fame....then I lose a large amount of Karma! It seems 
Beldin killed someone I gave damage to earlier, and I have received a murder count. 

However a minute later, Beldin falls to D'ies el! I am lost trying 
to find them, and finally he gives me a better idea where they are over ICQ. (the 
 other thief with us accidentally typed /quit and we are all cut out of the party
system!) Sure enough I arrive and all three are around Beldin's corpse,
 and I relieve D'ies el of his sword before he can harm another friend.

Such a night indeed! I was kissed by lady luck, however it's very late and I must retire.
I go to Grimore to give my horse to the newly ressed Beldin, who returns and settles the
score by spilling D'ies el's blood on the fields near Khaldun.