3/19/01 -  More fun at Khaldun

Arthur just stepped outside of Khaldun, and removed his sword and shield
from his hands. I assumed he was recalling out, and I stole his sword without IDing it. 
It wasn't worth anything, so I return outside where he is now equipped and ready for me. 
He starts off with, "Give it back", and thus our story begins...

He doesn't wish to attack me, and continues his night in Khaldun. 
I follow quietly and hide near the exit, waiting for him to walk by. 
Eventually he does, and I decide to give him a little spook by attacking him.

I target his new weapon, and wait for the right moment to run
up and grab his sword. 

While he gets himself cornered with the Archer and skeleton, I run up,disarm, and grab the sword
before he knows what even hit him. I take off to the west to hide and ID the new prize. 

Such a fine theft indeed! This tree looks 
like a safe place to keep the sword, so I
place it inside a pouch and under tree for
safe keeping. 

I return to conduct official business with this man, 
however it seems I won't be making any sales today. 

Arthur isn't alone, his friend joins us momentarily. 
I do not care for mages, and try to avoid this one at all cost. 

I finally come out of hiding, seeing how these two
are finding it very hard to reveal me. Arthur is hidden
right under the word, "Don't". 

See! There he is! I speak the truth though, 
I am unarmed and defenseless...well, not that
defenseless, but I wield no shield or wear no armor. 

His companion doesn't believe I'm unarmed either, 
and assumes I am a mighty mage. (you would be surprised
how far 30 magery goes with 40 intelligence and 0 Meditation!)

This confused mage believes I can stealth on a horse. 
If only that was true, however they are having difficulty dealing 
with a Grandmaster Rogue. 

I finally come out, and Arthur attacks! However, he has been 
relinquished of his weapon. The mage however hasn't taken any action
against me yet. Arthur is upset, and follows me around hitting me with 
his bare hands. 

He better watch his friends back more closely, for he is going to lose
his shirt at this rate. Arthur, being out of weapons, disarms his shield and 
readies his spellbook. Before he knows what happens, I run up and grab 
the shield. 

I walk around the corner in time to see a angry Arthur talking to 
"Mr Nice Guy" about me. Arthur is spreading nasty rumors that I am a thief!

Arthur tries to attack with a simple Energy Bolt spell, however I take his black
pearl and he is once again rendered useless. His mage buddy finally decides
enough is enough and attacks me! They try their best to kill me for another 5 minutes, 
but finally give up and gate portal away, leaving me alone at Khaldun once again. 

But not for long! I spy another warrior, KNIFEINFACE,  walking around, well, more accurately he is
following me around. I lure him into the hidden hallway where the switch is, hoping to get 
a better look at his weapon, and get him in position for a quick theft!

Such a fine weapon! He walks out of the room, 
and I follow behind and wait till I have enough 
room to run away after the theft...

Before he knows what hits him, he loses his weapon. I take off, however
KNIFEINFACE is quite knowledgeable and well prepared for such a 
disaster, he equips a Grandmaster made Double Axe, and follows me quite
well throughout Khaldun! He has high hiding skill as well, and always sees where
I hide, and he hides right next to me.

This time however he didn't get a chance to 
hide. I snoop him while he's busy and see he had three
more GM made axes handy. He is however very persistent!

I stole one of the axes and take off, however he
quickly follows and sees me hide again. This is
one man that can actually keep up with me, I'm 

However, I have business to do with Belan, 
we got together earlier today to try and relieve a man stuck 
on the bank of a chest he was holding weighing 2,600 stones. I tell 
Belan it may be a minute or two till I can come to Trammel, seeing 
how I'm being chased by someone that wants their axe back. 

Hearing of my thefts for the night, Belan decides to pay Khaldun
a visit herself! She finds KNIFEINFACE wandering around
aimlessly in Khaldun trying to find me, and tells him I was last seen
at the west exit. However she failed to mention that 10 minutes ago I led
Three Zealots, Grimmoch and Lysander, The Ancient Lich, and countless other
NPCs and such to that exit. 

Belan also had a run in with KNIFEINFACE, so be sure to check that out!

Belan the Looter
12/21/00 "Death by Rats!" Episode!