3/19/01 - Crazy Joe meets Mr Big the non-Businessman

(FYI, I turned off the Desolation and turned on Tree Canopies, for now on Feluca will look like Trammel)

It was very late one night, my eyes could barely stay open. It's been a hectic night, however slow in the stealing department. I am walking around the Britian Graveyard, looking for the occasional lich, when I notice half a dozen people to the north. I walk over, and start looking at everyone's weapons. My eyes perked wide open right away...

"Ritalin Overdose" is back, he's carrying a mediocre double axe.
However Mr. Big has such a fine weapon. I use forensics on him a few times,
and I'm told he isn't a thief. A scoundrel not of the brotherhood? Then he is fair game!

Forgive me for the lack of pictures - this is my second Vanquish weapon
Theft attempt ever. My heart was racing, I was wide awake again. I was in the
company of many other mages and warriors (two mages to the left, and another
fighter underneath Mr Big's paperdoll. I attack Mr. Big outright, and disarm him
of his spear, he steps back a little surprised, I move in and steal the spear.
The chase was on!! I had two dexers trying hard to get near me. I had two mages
constantly poisoning and paralyzing me. I carried a dozen cures this night, and
six trapped pouches, however trying to elude so many fine opponents on horses
proved very tough - however I finally did it, and hid under a tree. I was
scared when two of them bumped right into me however they didn't pass through,
and most likely assumed they were hitting the tree, and not me. They began to run off,
and I caught a picture of them leaving, and Mr. Big very upset.

Mr Big and the one laughing behind him are the ones that bumped into me. This was a most
invigorating chase, my heart was pounding, and I was out of cures and trapped pouches. If they found
me now, I would certainly be killed.

However, they continued east, and I was safe.
I look in my pack to make sure I got the fine weapon, it would
be a horror if I accidently stole something as useless as an apple from Mr Big.

I am in disguise as "Aasin", and not Crazy Joe currently. I go to the bank,
and put the weapon in safe keeping. I stable the horse, and unload all my
items. I know for a fact Mr. Big. will be waiting for my return, and I wish to
only do business, and not fight any further.

Mr. Big. finds me right away, and starts to attack me
with his new spear. Now I have second thoughts - I
should have come back for a fight.

He cares not for business, he only seeks revenge.
I try a new sales tactic, however it falls on deaf ears.

I am almost dead, but I have nothing to lose.
I'm curious why Mr. Big doesn't wish to conduct
any business, and does he fell better killing an
unarmed man?

I am dead, however he quickly looks and sees
no spear on his corpse. Since I did say killing me
drives up the price, I set it to a price not even he can afford.

Ah, now I see why he didn't wish to buy it back.

I'll keep my eyes open for Mr. Big, he will be a fine repeat