3/19/01 - Crazy Joe Vs a few K3WL D3WDZ

When you ask a thief who their main targets are, you get a variety of answers. However, most will have ONE target in common - those people that name themselves "K3wL DeWdz" names. It's a fact. Thieves are attracted to names that have alternating caps. Second to that are folks with just plain stupid names. 

Before I set out to Khaldun however, I notice a Factoin Warrior named "The Clothing God". This is a prime example of a stupid name. He is a good warrior, he kills 3 mages at the bank and barely took any damage. I throw an apple I had for my horse on the mages' corpse and pick it up to mark myself as criminal. As I hoped, "The Clothing God" attacks me! 

I see now how he took down those mages with ease, he 
had a pretty decent weapon. Next time Clothing God, you should keep your
attacks to your true enemies and not one that walk slyly through the alleys of Britian. 

I recall into Khaldun today, Baltoz the Ancient Lich informed me of some inept warriors inside the entrance of his Dungeon, and harassing the weaker monsters. I come in, and snoop  WeSt ZePhYr's pack, and grab a sword, I identify inside the safety of Khaldun; a fine weapon indeed!

This is my first weapon of Virtue on Napa, 
and I'm quite pleased. I place the Scimitar inside a safe
coffin in Khaldun, and return outside to the inept warriors. 

I return to a very confused man. He is confused how I stole 
his weapon out of his very backpack. His guildmate shows up, 
and listens in. 

"Yoink", another fine name indeed. He considers the weapon no loss,
so I assume they shall not take any action against me. 

I assumed incorrectly. However now W.Z. is going to learn the true
nature of my skills. 

Now that he knows I'm a disarm thief, he realizes 
there is no fencing weapon he can use to truly kill me. 

However, he does not give up, and pulls out a weapon his
spouse no doubt left in his sack lunch. 

I am an unarmed man, and whether it be a Katana or a butter knife, I must
protect myself from all harm. This is the most pathetic disarm theft in my history-
a butcher knife. It wasn't even magical. 

It seems he's confused which utensil I have stolen. 

His friend, "Yoink" is scared to attack me, for I am still blue to him. 
I decide it's time I give him justification to attack me. 

Oh dear! I haven't seen a Practice Spear in quite
some time. (They are no longer given to new characters, so in
essence this is a Rare!) Even though this spear is weak, it is blessed
and can't be stolen. Yoink seems to have the upper hand. 

They dislike my tactic of running 
a few steps away from them and hiding. 
They don't realize I do this to target their weapon or snoop
their packs with safety while they try to find me! 

"He's a disgrace to theives"

Since his spear can't be stolen, I fully utilize my 30 skill in Magery
and 10 Nightshade I have on me to try and kill Yoink slowly and painfully. 

These hapless warriors can't even cure a simple poisonous concoction. 
This is truly sad, for with my 30 magery I failed to cast Poison
50% of the time, howver I ran out of Shade and Yoink did live. I saw him finally cure and recall out. 

It seems I didn't get to kill anyone tonight. 

I recall into Britian and Yoink see's me! He quickly attacks!
This time I am at the bank and grab some more Nightshade. 

Yoink has second thoughts about killing me. 
However I always try to finish what I started...
I successfully poison him three times, and I'm getting low on Nightshade again. 

Sadly, I run out of Mana, my Intelligence is only 30 or so, and I can only 
cast poison a few times. However, once again Yoink has no way in curing 
this simple poison!

And finally, he falls. 

I wish to deal with W.Z. as well, but with my low Intelligence 
and having no skill in Meditation, I would have to wait a minute or 
two to poison him as well, however he backs down and decides not to fight. 
(He is holding the Practice spear as well!)

Yoink returns, ignoring the fact I beat him 
and begins to trash talk (notice his guild title, how ironic?)

I thought I had low intelligence, it seems Yoink 
can't understand the shame over his head, for I beat 
him with 30 Magery, and a third level spell that I failed
50% of the time .He disrespected himself.

W.Z. asked me why I robbed him, and why I won't return his Orc slaying sword,
he doesn't like the fact I target adventurers with his type of name. However,
he wants to fight Mocoso (Fellow GUL member) to try and reconcile his troubled
thoughts and shameful loss.

Mocoso  and W.Z. arrive at Grimore, and begin to fight!
W.Z. is a pure dexer, and Mocoso easily takes him down
with two Mindblast spells.

We advise W.Z. to visit Grimore more often, and
Learn how to protect himself better in the future.
I advise him from attacking me in the future, for
my best offense is my defense.