3/17/01 - The mightier they are, the harder they fall....

Tamers! BAH! 

What kind of man or woman thinks that such a mighty dragon can protect their lives or their belongings? Well, I have decided that all tamers are in dire need of a lesson in in the Virtue of Humility. I have made it my mission to allow all tamers see how vulnerable they are.  What would be the worse thing that could happen to a Tamer in any dungeon? Not being able to take their mighty pet home, that's what! And how can I prevent such a proud Tamer from doing such an act? Why stealing all their Mandrake root of course. 

I see a man that feels good about himself in Khaldun tonight.  He's wearing the most beautiful purple dyed leather armor, and hides his face behind a tribal mask. His mighty beast protects him in Khaldun, and his companion faces no danger by attacking the monsters engaged with the Dragon with a Silver Quartersaff of Force. These folks are spoiled, and have no idea what it means to fight with their own two hands. I quickly steal all the Tamer's mandrake root, and he notices that he's deep inside Khaldun, and without a means of escape. His friend is no mage, and can't aid him. They quickly try to order the dragon to retreat, however the attempt is futile and the mighty beast falls. 

My aide the Zealot takes pride in killing the beast, and turns his
attention to the Tamer, JoHnY BoY. His friend Tinkerbell has already
fled the area, and I take after her to grab his silver Staff. 

I see TinkerBell is actually almost dead, 
plus is being chased by a skeleton. 

TinkerBell runs out of Stamina, and ironic as it seems
they skeleton and Tinkerbell meet each other in Death. 

I'm amazed TinkerBell fell with such a fine weapon in her disposal. 

I can't seem to find the Tamer, so I recall to the Britian Bank to throw
the staff and some very nice Magic Armor into my box. And lo and behold, I see
JoHnY BoY below!

J.B. is relaying his misfortune to a man named Oyster. 

I quickly look around in my bank for the Book of the Guardian 
to hand to him, but Oyster is set on insulting me for some reason,
which distracts me. 

It turns out this man is none other than "Clam". A misguided
individual that posted pictures of naked men on the Stratics Thief 
Forum, and  had the pleasure of being the first person I Perma-banned from Stratics. 

But wait, I have been distracted. J.B. is in a death robe!
Last I saw him he wore fine blue leather armor, I quickly recall to Khaldun!

Right near the east Entrance I find J.B.'s corpse!

70-100 of each reagent and 12,170 gold! Oh dear, I'm without a White Potion!

I haul the gold over to the barrels and hide it in a pouch, but right before I recall 
out of Khaldun to bank the regs...

...It seems J.B. returned a few seconds to late to retrieve his belongings!

It's sad to return to find your body looted, but worse to see Grimmoch with
a bow cocked in your direction while you only wear a death robe!

 J.B., thou should visit the shrine of Humility, and return next time
with more Honor and fight with your own two hands.