3/17/01 - Crazy Joe claims his first kill on Napa

I have made a name for myself in Khaldun on Napa, and had to don the
disguise kit to avoid a few people. I return in time to loot two corpses, and
was able to bank the goods and return just in time to meet them.

They believe they are talking to "Marshall" and
the one in the robe actually tells me he knows
Adam Ant and will tell him That I am a looter!

It's not his mare, but he tries to scare me - silly man, the mare would follow
me to the harrower, where he would quickly be disposed of if that was to happen!

Fants Hunter returns with several
purple potions and tries to do me in!

I have had enough of this little man, and
arm myself with a deadly poisoned dagger.

I quickly poison him at the entrance, but I fail to
notice the others dead here, something must be
terribly wrong here...

Grimoch and Tassadir were at the entrance, picking off all
adventures! Grimoch's bow is mighty strong, and kills me in two hits.

However, my poison did claim Fant's life before I fell.