3/17/01 - Crazy Joe the "newbie"?

Oh what a glorious day in Khaldun! OSI Finally fixed
the harrower and ancient lich! They are now spawning again!

While walking through Khaldun, I notice a man with a nice War hammer. I help
myself to it when he changes weapons.

He is most displeased.

I try to grab the weapon in his hands, but he is quick on his horse.

I return, and prepare to get the weapon this time.


This "Predator" carries many weapons, I
decide to try for another.

I fail this time, but I do get it again on the second try (Missed that snap shot due to
both of them attacking me!)

This warrior came to Khaldun
prepared quite well, however he wasn't
prepared to meet a thief!

Excuse me?