3/10/01 - Crazy Joe of Napa Protects the Ancient Lich

It is the duty of as a Guardian of the Undead Lords to protect the liches and Mages of all dungeons. I caught word that the Ancient Lich has been spotted in Khaldun, however most of GUL doesn't wish to come here due to the spirit known as the Revenant that seeks to kill any known murderers inside the Dungeon.  I myself decide to try and protect the Ancient Lich in my own special way. 

Justin Credible here sports a fine spear, and provokes other inhabitants of Khaldun to 
kill the Ancient Lich for him. Alas, I arrived to late and this lich is on his last breath. 
I see him fall right when I arrive. Since I was unable to save him, I at least try my 
best to retreive his belongings. 2,500 gold, 30 of each reagent, and a magic
platemail armor were in his possesion. Meanwhile, Justin is dealing with a few
of the Khaldun residents, and decides not to attack me, but to insult my
me, my parents, and question my skills and honor. As soon as I retrieve
all of the liche's belongings, I turn my attention to Justin, and attempt to get his spear. 

Justin evidently didn't expect me to attack, 
nor was he prepared for a fight. He takes off west and south
through Khaldun, and was able to recall out. 

Such a fine piece of armor that Lich carried. 

On the way back, I meet the elder Kaltivel, and he seeks to
catch a glimpse of the outside world. I take him to the 
entrance on the western side in effort to ease his suffering. 

Several members of ART arrived while Kaltivel was admiring the outside world, 
and he was most displeased. He quickly killed two of the intruders, and 
I helped myself to their weapons and reagents. 

One of two silver weapons found on their 
corpses, indeed they came to harm Kaltivel!
I was overloaded, and had to sort through the packs, 
and drink a potion of Strength and hit the bank. 

I return to Khaldun to a most unpleasent situation. 
It seems ART is upset they have been relieved of their
belongings. Instead of making any request or idle chit-chat, 
they immediately all attack at once! 

I have already banked all their belongs, and I'm carrying the bare
essentials. I try to lure then into a corner of Khaldun, in case I die
the Revenant will be summoned to protect my soul.

The leave Khaldun quickly, and reorganize outside. 
I return to to chastise them in hopes they return to Khaldun. 

My efforts were dismal. They blocked the entrance 
into Khaldun, and I lost count and found I already used
all 6 of my trapped pouches. They paralyzed me, and I failed
to disarm the warriors axe that eventually killed me. 

Thier loss : two silver weapons, 100-150 of each reagent, 
100+ bandages, and 5 apples my horse ate. 

My loss : 30 bandages, 3 greater cures, 3 greater refresh, 
6 trapped pouches, 1 bottle, 9 silk. They didn't kill my horse. 

I personally believe even in death, I won. 

They rush my corpse and open it, only to realize
their efforts to retrieve their belongings was a failure.

I told myself if they actually did ress me, I would return the reagents but
not the weapons. Sadly they were so upset over their loss and empty
victory they didn't wish to ress me, therefor I was unable to return some of
their belongings. Keep this in mind when you beat me - I am an honorable
thief that sometimes will return goods that are less important to me.