3/10/01 - Crazy Joe Meets yet Another "Fan"

I am playing on Atlantic, checking out Fire Dungeon. I have a new mission, to eradicate all the evil Tamers from Fire Dungeon. How do I do this? I steal the reagents necessary for "Gate Portal" from the Tamers! Well, as I am stealing reagents from one Tamer, I spy a boat key! I steal the Key,  so now the Tamer has no way to get his pet out of Fire Dungeon, and he may be losing a boat soon.  The funny thing was, I wasn't noticed for stealing the boat key! Instead of waiting two minutes, I  make a mad run to the Serpents Hold bank, and I lure the dragon to the stairs as I go. 

Well, seems something is blocking the Boat. 
I try again every five minutes for 20 minutes. It's 
unlikely that the boat is blocked for this long, and it 
may be stuck on a Server Line - which has happened to me
quite often. 

I recall to my Tower, get more recalls, and resort to 
calling a GM. It's Saturday night, so I doubt I'll get one. 

 I took yet another Tamer's Root, 175 total! He calls me a newbie and 
that I'm lame. I completely crash to windows and log back in Dead. 
He of course he is there laughing how much I suck.

Know this Gambit - You won only because of a computer crash! 
 We have a score to settle, and settle it I will! 

I am #35 in queue. I am stuck. 
Do I take my chances and see 
if that GM shows up and 1.) Gets me out and 
 helps with the boat key. OR 2.) do I cancel
the boat-key page and get my butt out. 
Well, we all know how long a GM can take...

The boat will have to wait - I cancel the page and get out. 
FYI - this may be one of those Rare cases I'm truly stuck!

I retire for the night, and decide to page again tomorow.
Well, I don't have my screenshot program running, being
sunday morning and all I want is that boat - so I page
a GM. Right away one shows up. His first words of course were,
"How may I help thee?". Then his next words were, "So why did you
quit S|S?" I am surprised! I have FINALLY met a GM that knows me!
I hand over the key to him and he recalls out to go see why I can't get it.
I quickly load up my program...

He returned and said to try it. However
I am sitting here like a dutz waiting for him to give
it back....Finally I ask him where the key is.

Whoah. It is in my pack. (the gold key)

Watch what you guys say on the
Thief forum! He reads it!


I wanted his OK on the screenshots. Not wise to upset
a Game Master.

The Game Master had no idea that the key was Stolen.
I did inform him to read the forum the next day, so if you are
reading this - Thanks for the assistance! And PLEASE do something
about that Bridge! It's in Shame Level 2, right after that Teleporter from Level 1.