3/05/01 - Quick Cash

 I see a packhorse trapped inside the bank walls at Serpents Hold.
 After thinking for awhile, I figure out how to get inside the walls. 

Well, I find out how to get down here, however the horse
seems to be on his own tile, therefore I can't get in there. 

This is a great place to use the bank without
worrying about thieves!

Turning on Transparency, you can see why I want 
to get to that horse. Someone was gating him to 
the bank with a good deal of gold, and I could use it here
on Napa Valley, since I'm broke after placing a small 
tower yesterday. 

I call in Jade of GUL to bring a mage, however she can't cast
meteor-storm in town, nor can she pre-cast outside of town and 
run in. She leaves, and I resort to asking the Upity-Ups to assist me. 

One arrives within 2 minutes! Amazing!

We gaze upon the packhorse, and yet
we have no ideas....

This picture is by far the funniest I think I ever took. 
That's Counselor Lord Maxim saying, "ok I am paging a GM"!

I rush to the other side of Serpents Hold to get what I need to 
get down there once the packhorse is removed, and GM Nova 
sends word that the packhorse is now gone! I rush back to 
the bank to retrieve the prize! What is funny is GM_Nova is
totally wrong - you can use circle of Transparency to SEE the
gold, but you can't pick it up. Silly GM Nova.

I throw the 14,550 gold into my bank on top of my measly
balance of 1,800 gold, and there is a pile of 60,000 gold
underneath the 14,500! I'm no longer broke on Napa!

However, some poor adventurer on Napa is out 74,500 gold.