3/05/01 - Crazy Joe of Napa Goes on Patrol Again

While most of GUL is sparing at Grimore and others keeping LMJ in check, I scout alone around Shame. I awaken in Khaldun - and I remember this is where I fell asleep last night. No more than 6 steps from my cold campsite I see a corpse! I take a gray bag filled with 100 of each reagent, and a small ship key! My hopes are high - I am in great need of such a vessel here on Napa to continue my training in many skills. 

I curse when I realize I must travel
to Trammel to claim my prize. 

The burden to travel over was well worth it! The finest vessel
available from Britain's greatest ship makers!

I return to Khaldun to give thanks to the one
that met his demise. On the way in I passed a
tamed dragon that was lost and confused, evidently
Lord Jarda was his owner.

Would he be so foolish to send his pet
onto me? Khaldun is my favorite dungeon -
and I would certainly lead such a beast
to it's demise!

When I fail to show an ounce of fear, the Tamer draws down
and orders his dragon to simply protect him - hopefully this time
it won't fail it's master.

My spirits are high now that I acquired such a necesity, and I head
to Shame as planned.


Veloria takes her leave quickly - and I let her leave in peace.

His silence upsets me, and I help myself a crude magic weapon
from his pouch, in time to see someone arrive behind me.

A quick chase is made, and they lose me
in the north passage. They find me later, and I again
inform  him that his loss is minimal compared to what it could have been.

I run into the most ill dressed group of individuals later - an entire
guild named "bobo", dressed in bright yellow. They tell me they know of
GUL's rules and they laugh at them! They care not for GUL and provoke me
to take any type of action...

...What can I say? I am easily provoked. I target an Indestrucable Silver War Hammer -
however in the adrenaline rush of the moment, I goof up :

I fail again on the War Hammer.

All Three bobo's unfortunatly have trouble killing me.
There was one close call when someone did poison me
with a Kryss, but a fellow mate was quick to cure me -
He was quick and had me taken care of before I had my hand
on a greater cure from my pack.

While evading Bobo's I quickly serve some GUL Justice to this
man, and relieve him of all his nightshade.

RUSerious learns I am a thief, and comes at me with a sword!
He is irate that his attack was useless and returns later with something a tad bigger...

I can't help but laugh at a man that enlist the aide of
such a mighty beast to deal with a single thief.

Since he is at a disadvantage and can't Reveal, I give him hints.

Talk about bad Timing - the BoBo's return while I'm leading RUSerious on a
blind chase.

Seeing how I am outnumbered, I give the nearest one a token
of my affection before heading out to LMJ Island.

Not much happening at LMJ Island, just several blue's hiding in the tower, and
every now and then one or two LMJ run outside to land a few hits and run back in.
However this time GUL makes sure they can't always get back in, MR. Nice Name
attacks me, and in a swift move I relieve him of his sword and let the rest of GUL
dispose of  him.

Seeing how I fail disarm still quite often, I goto Trammel Bone Knight room at times to get a few more points. Well, one day I had quite a laugh! I was accused of being a Crazy Joe imposter!

I ask him if he thinks I'm the "fake" Crazy Joe...

"I know you are a fake"

I hope he reads this.