3/03/01 - Crazy Joe of Napa Goes on Patrol

After last night, I decide to return to Napa and visit Shame, and go on Patrol. I was a bit confused though, and accidentally robbed two people that were wearing a red bandana - I was under the impression GUL was protecting Liches, Mages, and Earth Elementals (earth elementals we do not protect, and I only to target those NOT wearing a red bandana otherwise).

I arrive in Shame and quickly see two individuals at the front door. YoBubba is a formidable foe- he carries a halberd, something too heavy for me to steal. However I decide to step in and take a peek at their belongings. 

In my profession, distracting my victims long enough to get close is essential. 
I have several tactics to get them off their guard, and decide to test a new scheme. 

dagadain has nothing of interest, but Yobubba does carry a magic sword I like. 
Even though he carries a halberd, I take my chances with him. 

I return later after hiding the katana somewhere in the dungeon, and
dagagain decides to serve justice. After a short chase, both take their
leave and I don't see them again. 

Mystical has been warned about his lack of proper head gear,
and I see him a minute later at the entrance again. I relived him 
of his weapon when I saw it go into his backpack. 


This nude man had nothing of value on him, but however
he warns me of a band of mages outside wishing to do me harm. 
I take myself to the northern part of shame, and met someone else
that unfortunately did have a red bandana, and again I unrightfully 
take action against them. 


I fail to steal a magic war hammer in her bag. 

Atheina realizes of my true intentions, and attacks! I disarm the sword 
from her hands, and successfully steal the magic war hammer. 

Atheina is unaware of the fact she is slapping me, and
I have enough time to steal her sword. 

She attacks again, unaware maybe again that I already have 
her sword, and I target the shield, but fail. 

Before I can give the proper GUL speech, she takes off. 
Perhaps I should hand out books in exchange for the weapons?

I haven't been with GUL long, but if memory serves me right 
Aman'Ra was a member, and knows well that he should be
wearing a red bandana! Well, seeing how no warning is needed to this man,
I help myself to his belongings. 

I steal a weapon he was carrying in his pack!

He attacks, and I take chase to the east and 
hide in the midst of many earth elementals and
a scorpion...

I am in a tight spot, and being revealed now would
mean certain death. A fellow GUL member shows up
in time to hear of Aman'Ra's loss. They take their leave,
and my night is finished.

After consulting Jade of GUL, I realized a few errors I made tonight,
and hope the next time I go on Patrol I can make good on my mistakes.