3/03/01 - Crazy Joe joins GUL of Napa

My connection to Atlantic has been unkind to me lately, and in the mean time I went to Napa Valley to create a disarm thief, and joined  GUL (Guardians of the Undead Lords). GUL went to war with LMJ, Lynch Mob Justice.  Even though my skills were not as top notch as I was hoping, I didn't want to miss out on some of the action. I have almost Grand mastered Stealing, and have Mastered Arms Lore and Wrestle, and I did Grand master Hide some time ago - Not perfect, but good enough.  For a year now I have been my own boss, my own leader -- this was quite a change for me to step into a new guild, and abide by new rules. As unfamiliar as this was, I think I'll survive. 

Jade has been a member of GUL for quite some time. She has been all to kind since the 
the day I came to Napa. She quickly set me up with a few basic supplies and a small
workshop that I was able to train a few basic skills. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have 
became so skilled so quickly. I am deeply in her debt. 

Gone are the days of my traditional Jester Suit. Since GUL is at war, I don 
a red robe to be easily distinguished. At all times I am to wear a red bandana 
 The good news is I was developing a bald spot at the top of my head, and
the dermatologist said ditching the hat would do me some good. 

A few of us arrive early to a safe spot before we arrive at LMJ Island. 
It seems that other GUL members are in need of red Robes. Being the
"new guy", I am given the task to supply as many robes as needed. 

More guild mates arrive, and more orders for Robes are issued. 
I know now how it felt to be a "Pinky" in S|S. 

We leave our safe spot to another area where it's safe to gate 
to LMJ, a wise tactic indeed. - Keep in mind I have NEVER
been involved in any sort of guild war such as this, and I have no 
clue what I'm getting myself into. 

We arrive for the first wave, "bithin" ALMOST made it to the safety of 
the easel, but not quite. Such a disappointment for our first attack. 

At the Second Wave, it seems two more folks have shown up, and a 'blue'.

A few GUL are banned from the tower! For a guild that
wished war on GUL, this is a tactic of yellow-bellied swine. 

We retreat again, in hopes words of our actions spread and
more LMJ show up. "Change" there is bragging about his magic
mace, aka "ummie masher". I attack and disarm, but fail 
twice to steal it. However, I successfully nab his spear, 
but a fellow guild mate kills him. I actually dropped the
spear on the ground for him to pick up, and he died and fell right where 
you see below. Great aiming Change! 

We return again, and this time It seems more "blues" have joined 
LMJ at their tower. (The next day it was said they were there for 
a "meeting" of some sort. Quite suspicious timing for a meeting). 

While the swine hide inside, I grab a Shield from a Blue named "Vices".
He doesn't wish to participate on either side of this battle, however
being the thief that I am, I help myself to his belongings. 

Quite surprisingly. Vices hands me two other shields he has handy.

Now the question is, did I steal this one,
or did Vices give it to me for free?

Most of GUL is now banned from the tower, and I assist in keeping the
doors open while we fight the cowards through the door. 

I had to leave due to real life calling me away from the battle...

However it was quite an experience, and I look forward to it again!