3/2/01 -  Crazy Joe vs Mace

Today's tale is a lesson to those that wish to blindly attack people that look like a thief, or more importantly, look like the thief that actually stole from you. 

I am at ChaoticJelly's house, a small house fell today and I was with Thomdril seeing if there were any goods leftover. Jelly's neighbor, Mace, was around sporting a nice War Hammer of Force. I followed him and Ali Butterfly into their small house, and attacked, disarmed, and stole the hammer while standing in their doorway!

Mace, quite upset, rearmed himself with a Kryss and Shield. I was hiding on Jelly's doorsteps, and Thomdril was near waiting for him to turn gray. I knew I was gray to Mace, therefore him attacking me would secure his innocence, so I kissed my horse on the neck, then dismounted him, revealing him to Mace. Mace indeed did attack my horse, and became a criminal! I attacked and disarmed his Kryss, and Thomdril cast a few spells and easily killed him, and loots a Hammer pick of Power!
Mace assumed just because we took refuge in 
Jelly's house that we are indeed affiliated with him and his guild. 
Poor Jelly will be surprised tonight to see that a guild next door 
has declared war on him!

Mace returns angry, and threatens to return with his PVP Mage to deal with me. A few minutes later while hiding under the tree in front of Jelly's house, I saw a mage indeed walk by, unfamiliar to me but seemed to be searching for me. I recalled to my tower, and allowed Crazy Joe, the Grandmaster Smith/Alchemist/Tailor/Miner/Tinker to return to the house to deal with Mace's Mage. It was only fair that if he swaps characters that I would to! 

Upon returning, the mage is gone but now Mace is back! Surely he wouldn't attack me, for my guild title and my fame/karma title are not the same anymore, and I approach him asking if he wishes to buy back his goods, and not to attack for this was NOT my thief! 

Mace decided to ignore me completely and attack!
(notice Mace is gray to me)

Poor mace, in your haste actions you have committed the act 
of murder! Hopefully next time you will listen to my words
before taking action! 

Ah, it seems Mace is actually quite familiar to committing
acts of murder, and this last one was the final blow to 
his known innocent in the lands of Britannia. 

After a few minutes pass, Mace finally realizes what has become of him.
(Mace says, "im fuckin red again")

Mace kindly resurrects me, but 
it seems he still harbors hatred towards me. 

He vows to forever kill me. 
And funny enough, he attacks me again. However Thomdril jumps in
and Mace turns his attention to him, and I am on my last inch of life. 
I quickly run around looking for a single piece of nightshade so 
I can commit suicide. 

With my 25 magery, I successfully 
poison myself...

...And report Mace as a murderer once again. 

In the mean time, Thomdril has committed suicide twice and 
given Mace two counts! It seems Mace feels confidant that even though
he is red, he can't seem to be taken down. What he doesn't realize we are
ensuring when he does go down, he goes down hard. 

Thomdril is satisfied with the amount of counts that Mace has, 
and returns in full force and kills him. Mace is sadly now in stat loss, and
I take my leave to have some lunch. 

I return 30 minutes later....

Lord Tori was summoned by Mace. He was very confused and angry of the events that took place. I forget to take more pictures, but basically there was confusion to two things. First, how did I steal items out of Mace's hands, and second, how did Mace receive murder counts from me? Well, I explained to Lord Tori that indeed I have a disarm thief that goes by the name Crazy Joe, and a Bard-Tamer named Crazy Joe, and a Bard Lockpicker named CrazyJoe. I explained further I am not creative, but it gives great amounts of satisfaction to have GM armor, weapons, and clothes for all my characters with their name on it. Second, I made it clear that I returned without a guild title, with a different karma/fame title, and I was BLUE to Mace and he committed a act of murder openly. Lord Tori asked me to return with my thief, which I did promptly wearing the same clothes as the Mule is in the above picture. She was then satisfied to see I was a disarm thief, and told Mace that explained the entire situation. However, poor Mace was being attacked repeatedly by Thomdril, and Mace was foolish enough to continue ressing in stat-loss, and Thomdril dug his grave even deeper. Lord Tori said Drobbers like Thomdril make her wish she wasn't a counselor anymore, and asked Thomdril to never be around next time she is summoned to help other adventurers! Poor Thomdril,  the Grief Player.

I think it will be a long time till Mace attacks me again, however since he's red I'll freely attack him for his weapons in the future!