12/31/00 - "How to Detect Perma Gray Thieves" by Crazy Joe

Well folks, its time I show you my Detective. He isn't much of a detective, only has one GM skill - Fishing. Below that is magery and poisoning, evaluation, and Meditation. 

Here is the sexy guy :

Today 'poison elemental' is going to show you how to detect Perma Gray Thieves

If you attack a person in the Thief guild that is NOT perma gray, 
you can become a criminal and get killed by the local guards. 

However you have no fear in knowing even if 
the said thief dies, they can't give you a murder 
count because after all - they are in the Thieves Guild. 
* Use Forensics skill to determine if they are indeed
in the guild before committing acts of murder!

Killing thieves in town repeatedly  is not illegal.
Seems someone came to pay me a visit to make
sure I was not exploiting :

If you attack a thief and guards do NOT appear,
then the thief you attacked is Perma Gray, below we
have a NPC Escort (in the blue robe) that is NOT
calling the guards after I attack  Fred Sanford. Fred is a Perma-
gray thief that is confused upon arrival to Britian from the
Moongates, and quickly uses the moongate to retreat.

Below we again see the same NPC call the guards
when I attack a NON perma Thief.

However try as they might, they can't seem to cure
themselves, and can't give a count.

Be wary attacking thieves that can cure or possess
Great skill.

It helps to block the thief in hopes he
won't run away, but alas sometimes they do!

Sometimes you will find the Perma thief that doesn't understand why he is being attacked, and will call the guards. Alas, guards will not aide the Criminal!


Sometimes victims will return with their "Main"
and wish to Duel you. This individual has no clue
why the guards would not assist him and insisted
I exploited him!

Sometimes you can explain why the said thief didn't
get guard assistance, but that's no guarantee they will listen!

Happy Hunting!