12/31/00 - "Crazy Joe meets Dagon" by Crazy Joe

Today started out normal as any other day. Since Khaldun and Shame seem empty at the moment, I go take a peek at the Moongates, in hopes to catch a wealthy traveler making his way to or from Trammel. 

I have the pleasure of meeting Dagon.  It seems he spends his day killing thieves near the moongates, and I wish to give him the pleasure of dealing with me.   He's standing right on the outskirts of land protected by the King's guards, however I help myself to his pack, and take a little something so I can become a criminal to him. 

I come back later and Dagon attacks, and I 
grab his War Hammer out of his hands!

It seems his eyes are playing tricks on him, I indeed stole his war hammer, however he claims it's still in his pack!

Dagon returns from the southwest with a magic 
war hammer, and demands justice, he almost gets 
the best of me when I am forced to endure such horrible
poetry -- Dagon, please don't quit your day job. 

Dagon takes his leave quickly, and Chase finds his house
a short way to the southwest, but get's banned to the 
doorsteps of this fine house. Foolish Chase - 
always avoid the steps of one's house. 

When a man takes refuge into his house, he has the upper hand. 
As cowardly as it can be, I am helpless to take action against him. 
I decide to attack his pride, and see if that will get him to come out. 

It seems this man's pride is his own weakness, and he 
comes out to face me. 

It seems this man should have trusted his instincts and stayed in his 
own house - my horse never moved a step, and I acquired his war
hammer as he walked by to take a swing.

He took refuge in his house again, and this
time he didn't come out.