12/31/00 - "Thomdril meets Dane Black" by Crazy Joe
used with permission by Thomdril of O$I

Thomdril heads out to explore dungeon Khaldun for the first time and runs into the famous Dane Black. Knowing how much Dane hates Crazy Joe, Thom decides to have some fun with him.

But the fun is interrupted when Dane's friend, Old Navy, takes a dirt nap. Look closely and you can see 3 blue reg bags!

Bag #1

Bag #2

Bag #3

Thom almost misses the best loot, just as Dane arrives to help his friend. Look closely in the purple circle.....pure black sandles!

Thom escapes and hides at the dungeon entrance:


After banking the black sandles, Thom returns to Khaldun to see that Old Navy has died yet again, and Dane's horse has gone wild. Hmm, might have something to do with Glove of SS being around:

Thom briefs Glove on the recent happenings:

Thom shows Glove how you can heal the Red humanoids that Dane is fighting, without being flagged grey:

Dane tries to run and hide, but doesn't succeed due to 
Thom's high tracking and detect hidden skill:

With Thom blocking him, Dane pleads for his life, 
claiming he has no loot of any value:

Alas, Dane escapes the blockade and runs outside the dungeon. Thom flags himself gray by killing a tame gorilla. Dane won't attack yet, but wandering gimp, sarsipuis does:

With Thom's health low and overloaded with sarsipuis's loot, only then does Dane attack him:

Thom comes back a bit later, to see if Dane wants a fair fight, one on one.

Dane says, 'I'll pass', but Thom attacks anyways. Then he has to hightail it out of the dungeon before the summoned revenant kills him:

While hiding from the revenant, Thom learns that Glove has been busy:

CrazyJoe's Note : It was posted on Stratics by Glove that
a bounty was indeed made on his head, however not how you think -
Dane Black went to almost all the bank's bounty boards and MANUALLY
posted a bounty on his head. Evidently he doesn't know how the bounty system fully works or how those names get on there..

Note to self:

Remind Glove of the proper looting technique in regard to the leaving of the regs on the corpse

The revenant is gone, so Thom comes back out to see Dane talking with a suspicious looking individual:

While Dane's new friend snoops Thom's backpack, Thom realizes he didn't get a murder count! (notice the karma hasn't gone down)

The suspicious individual turns out to be a thief and succeeds in stealing a few regs from Thom. The thief runs and hides, but GM Scout, Thomdril, is on the case!

Thom tracks, detects, apprehends the culprit and retrieves the stolen merchandise:

A passing adventurer recognizes Dane. Apparently he has read about Dane's adventures with Crazy Joe on the Stratics thief board:

Dane still insists that Thom received a murder count:

Parting words from Dane as Thom prepares to head home for the night: