12/31/00 - "Crazy Joe the...Poofta?" by Crazy Joe

I have been called many of names over time, some that could make a grown man's ears bleed, and others make women faint. However tonight I am not called something so odd, I'm still at a loss for words for this insult bestowed upon me tonight. 

I start my night arriving back from Trammel satisfied with
how much money I made. At the very gate I see an attractive
weapon, however there is no way I can acquire this one tonight.

This individual however makes up for my previous loss.

I hastily attack him near the moongate in plain view of everyone,
however II failed to even disarm the axe out of his hands. He feels
confidant that I'm no threat and  quickly follows chase to the road to the east.

Of all the things I've been called, this is the most foreign.
I start to realize maybe I am growing old, and I have lost touch with
this younger generation.

I have no clue what a poofta is, but I do know what's in his hands. Or shall I say,
what's in my backpack. I seem to have inflicted a small amount of damage to him, since it was not my intention to harm this man, I offer my services of healing while he
continues to slap me around like a NuJelom school girl.

Still confused, is poofta an insult or compliment?

He returns wiser this time, there is no way
I can steal that halberd, thus he has the best of me now.

I decide to hinder his efforts to seek justice, so I
may offer him a chance to buy back his lost axe.

He doesn't seem interested in conducting business today,
perhaps he didn't hear me well enough through his own frustrations...

I state my intentions again clear as day, however it seems he has a considerable
stash tucked away and cares not for his loss.

He seems to be arming faster than normal, and my
stamina gets low, I take my leave through the moongates.