2/18/01 - "More random acts of Theft" by Crazy Joe 

I sold a few more weapons to the lazy sows in Trammel today, and yet my lust for gold hasn't been quenched. I suit up, and head to Khaldun to start my night.

No longer than I catch my breath after recalling in, 
I see a warrior weilding a spear that glistens in the light. 
His thoughts seem preocupied at the moment, and so I 
took the chance to relieve him of his belongings, 
in the presence of two fellow thieves from S|S as well. 
Hesitation leads to their loss. 


Erza here seems to have become a criminal by looting corpses. I do not 
discriminate my victims, criminals as well shall be relived of their belongings if I see 
something I like. 

I am disappointed it was only of ruin, however
being made of Silver still shall fetch a fine price. 

Khaldun begins to die down, so I take myself to Shame, where I see a warrior in 
need of healing. Being as skillful in healing as I am in Stealing,  I offer my services 
to him to get close. TimeLord Maxis is all but too happy to receive my services, 
and I catch a glimpse of his weapon (Durable Accurate Broadsword of Power)!
 I decide since he feels comfortable with my presence, asking for him to give me
additional Night Sight would be the proper course of action.

He was all to kind, and I helped myself to payment for my healing services.

A band of Murders has taken their claim to Shame!
One by the name of Delias has chased down this poor victim.
I help myself to the fallen warriors belongings, and Delias attacks!
I run out of Night Sight (shall I go ask TimeLord Maxis again?)
at the worst of times, drinking a black potion at this time will reveal
me, which I can't allow. However, I see he is holding a poisoned
Grandmaster made Broadsword, one hit from that sword and
I am done for, I have forgotten to bring some cures!

Since he is a murderer, and intent on finding me, I decide to take the initiative and
obtain this deadly sword so my life, and others, would be safer.

I stumble around in the dark again, seeing how what I thought was a black potion
was my last red potion. I am blind, and hiding near a wall I bump into. Delias
actually stops 2 steps away from me, and yet doesn't know I'm here.
After a moment, I recall out and take my newly acquired goods to safety, I return
and three more murderes are standing outside the entrance to Shame, and I quickly
run inside.

Seems I have fell victim to a trap! Six
earth elementals have been lured to the front,
and they kill all who enter. I take this as a lesson
to carry red potions next time. So ends my night.