01/04/01 - The Retirement of ChaoticJelly by ChaoticJelly

Well, the time had come, ChaoticJelly was through. My bones rattled, my joints creaked, and my memory was slipping. I threw the towel in and announced my retirement from the game of UO. The citizens were exasperated! Or so they said. Many of the pigeons that flew in messages read: Man that sucks, can I have your house (gold, black sandals, etc.)

I proudly displayed some of the goods which the crafty and quick might soon own. The masses drooled. The grand prize was the house in which we stool after all had been looted. The contestants prepared themselves and jockeyed for position.

One exceptionally bright citizen had the correct answer to my question in the previos picture!

My last request was for a snapshot on the roof of my house. All of my friends had gathered (and many I did not know) to say adieu! Here you see some of them grovel feeling it necessary before they assumed all of my worldly possessions.

Unable to keep from breaking down, I informed the crowd to take their final shots before I release my great wealth to all! (hmm, why I Sha still dressed and so close to the stairwell?)

And why are so many of my friends (and others I do not know) gray at this time? I mean I know they are thieves, but something strange is afoot! And why pray tell, is my neighbor gawking at us from the house next door with an evil grin on his face?

OH NO! For some reason when I opened this gate downstairs to let Salavatore in, he is followed by two Dragons! Good thing Salavatore and I hid instantly otherwise our fate would have been sealed! Exactly as it was for the roof top citizen who could not wait upstairs with the others! (you can see him near the text Godzilla Kill that Beast!!!)

The best laid plans of mice and men and even the great ChaoticJelly sometime fail. Tis a fitting situation that I be the first to die. (Just read some of the episodes where I try to work with Joe! We have the might Belan to thank for the fire wall that cooked my arse!)

Fotunately the woods surrounding my house are filled with healers. I am quickly resurrected and able to return to figure out what is taking place? Why do the people not flee, surely the dragons and fire cannot take them all? Oh, wait, who is the troublemaker that has locked down the tables right in front of the door?

The fire burns on! The dead come back to life and attempt to quickly gather their lost belongings.

The dead are may! Their bodies spread from one corner of the house to the other. Dragons fill their bellies with the charred flesh of my friends (and so many others I still do not know!)

What is this? 'We loot yet?' Why was this someone's devious plan to take over my retirement party and claim thy goods for themselves? Who could be behind such treachoury? I see no sigh of Crazy Joe or Zip? Could they be the ones?

Suddenly, I am possessed by an evil demon! I feel my body reacting against what my mind is telling it to do! This can only be the work of the Evil Crazy Joe. He has sent his minions to take over and cause utter Chaos! I swing a poisoned kryss (where did that come from?) over and over as I slay my friends while they attempt to regain their goods!

The bodies continue to stack up! I cannot stop my actions. But what is this, for some unknown reason, I do not attack Sha, Salvatore, Flaming Kitten or Pimp Killah! Could they somehow be linked with Crazy Joe in this evil plot of utter doom?

What is the meaning behind this great mystery? Will we ever know? And why would Crazy Joe be possessing my body and using my mouth and voice to say that he still has his wood for Sha? The mysteries are numerous! ChaoticJelly cannot yet retire! I must discover the meaning of this day and avenge my fallen comrades! (Screw all those I didn't know!)

ChaoticJelly has come out of retirement! I feel, I must put an end to such evil in these lands! (Is this the beginning of Jelly's World Domination? Stay tuned and see . . .)