12/31/00 - CrazyJoe Trammel Insult Contest by ChaoticJelly

Warning: This episode contains foul language. (hehe)

Ok, so CrazyJoe starts a competition on the Stratics thieves forum. The idea of the competition is for you to get people to yell at you. You get points based on what they say. So, I head to the best place to get told what to do and to be called names. Deceit. Immediately, I am embraced by the locals for my excellent fighting talent!



The locals start to get agitated. What should I do? Well, when in Rome, do as the Romans to (or is that when in the BK room do as the newbs do?)





Here, the locals are yelling at someone to move back. What, someone is calling me an idiot? Maybe that is their term for brave one!





Ok, I just have nothing witty to say here! I am proud and this should indeed win Joe's competition. Not only is it the ultimate complement, but he recognizes me by name!





ROFLMAO. Ok, this is just funny!


For some reason they are disturbed by my self-discipline and for not conforming immediately to their wishes of joining their pagan ritual of 'WALL'.





I am the one in the beautiful hand-crafted suit of Valorite head piece, Verite chest, and Agapite legs!






I come to find out that they think I am one of them! I feel honoured now, I have successfully infiltrated their tribe and am accepted. Maybe they will feed me!





Apparently, this one does not have an open mind! I wonder who he is referring too? I ensure there are no holes in the arse of my chain leggins, just in case!





Boy, I would hate to be the person they are referring to. I mean I am doing all the work, I thought they would be happy that I am standing in the spot that the skeletons usually come to. Now they can protect their shiny armor and not worry about being hit!