2/16/01 - "Dane hires a Henchman, Velona hires the Revenant" by Crazy Joe & Velona

Hello and well met fellow Scoundrels. I start my day in the land of Trammel - even though it stinks of putrid yellow bellied sows, I find these sows pay well for my recently acquired items. After selling a few choice items from the day before, I slowly make my way to the lands of Feluca. 

As soon as I arrive at the moongates, I take a peek in someone's
backpack, and quickly take a chance on obtaining a new boat. Alas,
by the time I was able to find a recall scroll, the boat seems to have been drydocked. 

I arrive at Khaldun and strike a conversation with the Murderer, Mondain. 
I casually ask him if he's seen or heard of Dane Black, upon mentioning
that I am here to relieve Dane of his belongings, Mondain attacks! Mondain sports
a hefty Halberd, which is too heavy for me to steal. I take my leave promptly. 

It seems that Dane Black has overcome his fears and returned to Khaldun. 

I place the recently acquired ship key on the ground in hopes he would 
come close and pick it up, however Mondain returns promptly and chases me
out of Khaldun. Quite peculiar how Mondain targets me and yet Dane fears him not. 

Time to remove my guild title, and don the disguise kit. 
I also put on some armor I looted earlier but haven't yet smelted, 
then hit the stables to swap out for a different color horse. 

I am easily distracted before searching for Dane.
15 of each reg, hardly worth the effort.  

I find them deep in Khaldun, near the hallower of souls. And what's this?
Mondain is fighting with them. It seems Dane Black has hired protection for himself. 
I try to ask if they have seen the Hallower in efforts to gain their trust, 
so I may steal that sword from Dane from under Mondain's nose. 

They care not for my Presence. 

Since the Hallower interest them not, I decide to 
see if they wish to learn the secret entrance to the Sacrifice Room
(a interesting room with a select number of extremely hard monsters within!)
Still, the do not care for my presence. 

Mondain is Dane's, "Boy", so my intuition serves me right!
I wonder if Mondain is foolish enough to attack someone in Khaldun. 
I decide to take my leave again, and this time return with my other persona...

I am schizophrenic. I let go of my Thief persona
and adopt that of my Bard. Being of Honest mind and spirit, 
I inform Velona of tonight's events, and of my plans. 
She can't resist and brings her Mage to Khaldun. 

I arrive a minute too late. Velona's Mage ( who is Dr Octopus), arrived a minute
before myself due to my delay in taming a horse for my travels. She told me that she
walked in, and was told that Mondain was safe and not going to attack her.  Upon seeing 
Mondain  under  attack,  Dane Black foolishly attacked Velona, and Velona sacrificed herself, 
died, and  gave Dane a murder count. Now if you don't know, a spirit is summoned in 
Khaldun whenever an innocent is murdered by another player,  that spirit is a Revenant. 
The Revenant was gone before I arrived, however he appeared on top of Velona's  
corpse, and killed Dane Black within 3 hits. Dane was so stupefied by this beast he made no
 attempt to flee! It was my plan to provoke Mondain in thinking I was a thief and have the
 Revenant kill him upon my own death, but  Velona seems to have found a better plan, and 
I am pleased.  Upon seeing so many corpses, this  Honest personality starts to deteriorate, and the
personality of the Thief returns dominate. 

My Thief Persona arrives outside to resurrect the dead, and I'm greeted by another murderer dressed in green, BUBBLE BOY. He was pleased to hear so many died just minutes ago. Dane's spirit joins us, and he seems quite confused as to what exactly killed him in Khaldun.

Since Dane and Mondain still have no clue that Sheridan is me in disguise, I continue resurrecting
them in the name of good will and to earn their trust. Dane Black is very distraught over the events
that took place, and places blame on Velona. He actually defends the Murderer Mondain, claiming
Velona had no right to attack him!

Dane doesn't seem to understand that there is no fame in dying moments after killing
someone - the object is to kill and Survive!
BUBBLE BOY listens to the petty argument, and believes I am a thief
in disguise, and promptly attacks with forces of magic!

I take my leave to Khaldun, where BUBBLY BOY is afraid 
to go after hearing a Revenant appeared. Dane Black follow chase, 
only to receive the blessings of a Spectral Knight. 

I resurrect Dane Black again, trying to gain his trust. BUBBLE BOY decided to kill Odyseus
since I ran like a coward. 

The word is out that I'm a thief in disguise, and Dexmunkey and KangoJoo prompty attack!
I have little experience with defending myself from two attackers, and they get the best of me. 

Velona's Mage returns me to the land of the living to continue to hear of Dane's most annoying 
attempt to retrieve his belongings. He still understands not the criminal actions
he commited that resulted in his own demise in Khaldun.

Dexmunkey returns and decides to again attack,
not allowing me to listen to Dane and Velona rationalize the
events that took place.

My cowardice grows as the odds swing out of my favor, and the
Bard reemerges, to see Dane right before he recalls out.

It seems the events tonight could have been avoided
if we knew it was wrong to attack Murderers. Quite odd.