2/16/01 - "The End of Dane Black?" by CrazyJoe

Greetings! If you haven't yet, read the earlier episodes before this one, for Dane Black has a twisted history with me.

I return to Khaldun again the following night, and I run into Dane Black. Last time this adventurer wasn't fortunate enough to keep some of his belongings, and I've returned to once again to try and relieve him of even more goods.

He plays me a sad tune of this being his only sword, and he wishes to keep it. Sorry Dane,
but I'm a thief. If you have a sword and I deem it worthy to obtain, words won't help you.

I take one glance at his sword, and there is no way I can resist taking it. As kind hearted as Dane was,
he was foolish to believe simple words would stop me.

I feel some sorrow for his accumulated losses, but stealing
is in my nature, I can't deny myself. 

To calm his nerves, I offer some healing, and of course
I take a peek and see if he had anything else of value -
alas he was truthful and this was his only sword.

Dane's companion, REVENANT, has stood by and watched me strip his friend clean far too long.
He finally takes action and Paralyzes me. Being far educated in the fine art of hiding, I slip out of view
before their very eyes, even though I'm imobolized!

I was paralyzed for a good 25 seconds, but they took their leave right away.
How little did they know they could have easily retrieve the sword from me.

My stomach aches with guild. Could this be why most dungeons are empty? 
Could this be why Feluca itself is empty? Why does one succumb to the art of Thievery
such as myself? How can I reconcile this guilt?

Ah, now I remeber why I'm a thief, and why
I can't help myself. I hope I see Dane Black again!