2/14/01 - "Justice is Served!" by Crazy Joe

Welcome again. Tonight is a tale that continues almost where we left off the night before. I return again to Khaldun, and upon entering I run into the man, Dane Black. This person gave me quite a time last night, and it was a pleasure to see him again. 

I gave him a small piece of information in case he wishes to review last nights activities
from my point of view. I hope he visits soon. He is quite upset to see me, and quickly
tries to discourage my practice here by intimidation. 

I haven't died since last night, so I know I am still marked a criminal to Dane. Tonight he isnt'
as willing to attack me though, such a shame he wised up so quickly.  

Fellow Guildmate John the Coward arrives to try his luck with Dane Black.  

He doesn't have any interest in attacking me tonight. 

I try to provoke him to attacking, but alas nothing works.  

This isn't turning out well -- for me that is. 


Dane just doesn't wish to do 'business' with me one way or the other. 

As he walks by I steal his sword he just took out of his hands, 
it wasn't the magic one, I believe he has given it to REVENANT to 
take to safety when I wasn't looking. 

Again, I try to provoke him. 

He doesn't seem to realize he is the warrior, and I'm not. 

I take his Shield he just put in his pack. 
Now I look like a warrior! I have timed out the battle, but Dane has not and start to sissy slap me! 

He wishes to report me for a murder, so he runs straight into Khaldun with suicide in mind. 

I never saw any Karma Loss, therefore I have not been reported for murder. 

I return Dane to the land of the living to hear what he has to say about his suicide attempt
gone awry. I claim it is he now that has cheated me!

I am baffled that such an experienced warrior to these lands can be so foolish at times. 
His answer to my inquiry actually never answered the question asked, which is suspicious.

John the Coward and I wish to join his guild. However, he didn't notice someone to the west....


Smithford jumps in the scene steadfast, and attacks John, seeing
how he has less chance of escape.
I come to John's aide, however this man can reequip his Kyrss faster
than I can try to steal it, worse yet - it has poisoned me.
In the rush of the pursuit, I forgot I had on me 3 potions of Greater Cure -
due to my lack of keeping calm, I lose this fight.
Dane is happy to retrieve his hat - which makes no compensation for his other losses.

I return about ten minutes later, and catch someone leaving Khaldun, 
I feel his trip may be a long one and lighten his load. 

Dane Black is also around, wearing his hat he finally got back, plus his weapons and armor. 

Dane still has trouble comprehending my line of work, giving simply isn't in best interest. 

I quickly recall to place this sword in safety, and return to see I 
just so missed a murderer on a rampage near Khaldun!
I offer his weapon and another back at a good price, he quickly
runs into Khaldun for some reason...

He came out as soon as he went in. I go in to relieve him of some belongings.

Again I try to conduct business.

He finally decides he should take this offer.

I humor him with the idea to buy 'insurance' for 5k a night.
I never actually start the policy though, it's too much of a bargain for him.!