2/14/01 - "Crazy Joe meets Dane Black" by Crazy Joe

After Dane Black recalls out, I go back through Khaldun and get THIS at the other entrance:

That guy with the black bandana has a painting in his pack, 
I quickly acquired it. Sadly, I failed on the first theft and was attacked, I 
Make another pass thinking he wised up and recalled, but he didn't. 
His inaction was his loss and my pleasure. 

And lo and behold, our funny man returns! It seems he is still troubled by our last encounter. 

To go gray, I loot the NPC corpse at his feet. 
Afterall, I'm the chicken if I don't flag gray. 

He attacks! I disarm! I steal! He slaps me! 

I throw the Katana in my regular hiding spot in Khaldun, and return outside. 
He has returned with a Magic Bardiche. I target it and want him 
to attack yet again. I am GRAY to him, since I robbed him earlier, 
no idea why he won't attack me now. 

"I'm About to take a count". Funny Quote #7
I'm a thief. I can't give counts. I'm gray to him anyway.

He finds humor in my attempt to sell back his weapon. 
I never knew business what so funny to others. 

I wish he would hurry up and attack. 

I can't stand it and go into war mode, and prepare to attack him. 

WTF? Kane recalls in and attacks him right away, wtf??
Well I am honorable, I allow Kane to keep all the loot he earned. 
Since Kane is blue, I assume Dane Black attacked him earlier and is still gray. 

I ress him because I don't have spirit speak and want to hear
more funny quotes. 


Oh ya, what did I miss out on thanks to Kane?

S.O.B.! I can't believe my freaking luck! ARG!
Kane kills him again because he simply won't shut up. 

I chew out Kane and revise his memory of the MINE MINE MINE 
procedure. We came to the conclusion I didn't lay claim to Dane, 
therefore he was fair game to all.  This just wasn't fair, 
I so much wanted to page the thief guild master. 

He claims he isn't new to Feluca, but the things he has done tonight
sure don't make sense for a Vet. (one with a Three-year award).

I totally missed the screenshot, but he offers a 50k bounty on our heads.
I was tempted to kill myself for that money. 

He follows us back into Khaldun, without getting reequipped. 
That isn't smart, nor good for business. 

He recalls back to make one last demand.

Once again I flag gray and he attacks. 

Crap Weapon. I go hide it and recall out....

Seems he has called a few friends in, a few attack me on sight!
(That guy I'm facing with a war hammer is red)
Take notice who I circled at the top, that's the guy I got the painting from,
and I know I'm still perma to him. 

They chase me into Khaldun, and finally I hide and recall out to call it a night.
Kane ICQs me, they killed him, but he took two of them down.

The next day I decide to hit uo.com and look up my victim's guild,
since he is the guild master I want to see what kind of guild they are in.

I can officially say I looted an entire guild.