2/14/01 - "Crazy Joe meets Dane Black" by Crazy Joe

I am praised by the powers to be to have a good connection on Atlantic tonight! I load up on a few bandages and a few night sight potions, then take myself to Khaldun. As soon as I walk in the door I found a body of bones, a tamer with a White Wyrm, and a bag on the ground. Upon looking, I find 100 of each reg and a few other items (no pictures of that yet).

I arrive and find two ghost and one corpse! However I bumped into 
something invisible -- I take the risk and loot a few choice items. 

AH HA! A Looter! However he's blue, possible a guildmate
of theirs, or he actually didn't loot anything. 

I thank the victim, and find another corpse around the corner, and clean it out as well. 

I bank the regs, and a few junk weapons, and two sets of 
colored leather armor. I return and seem to have found my victims.

"That's not Right". Funny Quote #1.


I missed a picture between #2 and #3 where he said, "You looted my blue body".
"That's not fair, looting", Funny Quote #3.

We already established that looting isn't right.


"Be Fucking Nice About It", Funny Quote #3. I make up a lie that I gave
it away - I want to see what he would say, but he doesn't catch it.

"Be Honorable". Funny Quote #4, which sets up my scenario why
I can't give him his stuff back :

I told him I was honorable, and gave it to someone else that needed it.
He totally ignored it. Sheeeeeesh.

"You don't Steal from Blues" Funny Quote #5

"Go Grey you chicken", Funny Quote #6.
This guy is cracking me up!

I already snooped both of these guys and they aren't carrying ANYTHING. 
So they want me to flag gray because??

Well, no harm in flagging gray, I attack them both...
...and I'm put on hold. That absolutely takes the cake.


They both recall out, however I don't wish to be gray outside, I'd rather be inside
Khaldun. I take my leave thinking that's the last I've seen of them.