The Angry Shepherds Part 4

We all attacked that guy on the ostard.
We killed us all by himself. NO help from anyone else, but there
were a few folks healing him. Damn Blue Healers!
In an effort to pick a taget, I ask for volunteers.

Creed, the archer that killed me earlier wants a fight.
I give the sounding order once more...hoping they follow me.

Alas, only 2 follow. 

Someone that is with us cast a field spell.
We can't help but kill ourselves to give a count.

An old victim is talking about how he was just
trying to find out what's going on, when we attacked him.
I pluged my website, hope he visits!

Again we fail to kill someone.

We attack!

We claim another life!

We bravely attack someone else, and damn!
Look at all those corpses!


There is someone at the bank that is totally confused by
the mass quantity of "angry shepherds". That other guy
called all us Shepherds "Newbs from tramell". LOL!!!!

Someone else that is confused.

I notice IZZY is back here and not saying a word.
All our GM Opponents are 1 screen north, I get a few
shepherds to come back and we attack her for!



I attack someone that is very low on health.

Seems one of our Shepherds fnally got 5 counts.
I end the night with 2 counts, even though I made 5 kills at least!

Not everyone knows to hit "all Names"
So Delucia is full of great hiding spots when you are gray!