The Angry Shepherds, Part 2

I log on later and we surround someone. 
he doesn't seem to be afraid of us one bit. 

Since we suck, I make small-talk. 


"Now I have to get my pk"
What he doesn't know, that we are all playing our 'mains'!

Our numbers increase, however our enemies to as well!

How do you take care of a dozen Newbie Fighters that are less than 4 hours old?
Get a dragon of course. 

Father Ganja opens a gate, attacks the dragon, and
lures him to the Keep! Way to Go!

It seems our actions are bringing the attention of other tamers, GM mages, 
and GM warriors! 


my 23 DEX was the death of me. 

Pretty crowded in here. 

Like I said, in our fit of anger sometimes we 
accidentally attack one another.

I quickly die.