The Angry Shepherds, Part 1

The Angry Farmers was such a hit, the next night we went to Lake Superior as "angry shepherd"s. 
I arrive a few hours before hand to train up some STR and DEX. 

So far there are 7 "angry shepherds" here, 
and this guy is curious as to what's going on. 


The bull is being tamed while he has a mare follow him, we attack!

he easily makes it to town, however SMOKEY defends him!

Smokey wins.
It our fit of rage, sometimes we hurt each other.


This is a odd occurance. Someone
talking to me, CrazyJoe, in the third person perspective.

We blockade the gate with boxes.

Someone took our boxes.

We almost had him, but other's came to his aid.

I can't remember for sure, but we all ganked someone, I think Jane...
well, That person, whoever it was attacked one of our shepherds that did
NOT attack him, he killed the angry shepherd, and was given a count.
HE TURNED RED! He quickly opened a gate to Ice Isle, but someone that was
attacking all of us went into the gate and killed him on Ice Isle!!


Again, we attacked, and died.


I enlist the services of a few paladins.


My paladins chased him off bravely,
and I try to enlist more angry shepherds.

Someone else hires more Paladins!

They quit in the middle of a chase.

LOL, we are actually FEARED by people, they always run off. Even though
all our corpses are on the ground and speak, "WE SUCK", people still run away.




SCORE! And she was SO close to the town gates!

I decide to lure the mare away to make a quick buck...

She swiftly returns to kill us with her mare.

We swiftly kill her again.

We led the mare away, now to return to propose a bargain.

OH OH! She got her dragon!

I decide to try anyway....

"I have like a lot of mares"
That is the funniest line I ever heard.

HaCk decides to attack me once again!

I did die, but.......

Someone named "Adam" took care of the dragon!