The Angry Farmers

At a spur of the moment, I post on several boards that there will be an "Angry Farmer" event. Basically everyone creates a new character named, "an angry farmer" and we all gather at the Shadowlord stronghold and try to kill a few folks. It went smooth at first, but as more folks showed up the teamwork collapsed and became an all out gank fest -- all the farmers got ganked. 

This is me, the Angriest Farmer of them all. 

I arrive early and decide to be the first angry farmer to spill Blood. 
(no idea if Angry Gorilla was with us)

NO FAIR! Two experienced PVP Faction members
versus a 5 minute old Farmer. Have they no Honor?


A fellow SL falls death to his own SL comrade --
and assumes the other guy has spirit speak. 


Night falls and I don't have any way of getting light, after all I'm a Newbie. 


Insulting a farmer isn't smart when he's angry. 

The Healers are confused, we are not the criminals here!


This is probably the best team effort gank the Farmers had. It went downhill after this. 



We all try to gank satanshelper who has the purple armor and spear. 

All in all, we didn't even lay a scratch on him!

Half of us actually found a healer nearby, the other half is out to the east. 



We attempt to gank Blackstone. I accidentally attack a fellow farmer. 

again we do not prevail. 

That sick man found pleasure in plowing down 
many poor farmers that are simply angry.

Body count, in color!

The Party Bug strikes!

A brave Farmer has lured a Healer from the woods, into the stronghold, 
and even downstairs, the farmers no longer have to run blindly into the woods
to get a ress!

We first all thought it was a SL that cast the Poison Field, later we learned
it was just someone that was with the angry farmers from the SnR forum. 
Dammit, we all had our hopes up we turned a SL red. 

I go visit the healer that is placed strategically downstairs. 

What are angry farmers? Farmers that are angry!
next someone cast a BS. Don't know who, but us farmers are all over that. 

I mean, he's in Feluca, he's at the
SL Stronghold and he is asking everyone, "Do people attack us here?"
I start to snoop him like crazy, and he attacks me!!!!!


I think lex had his question answered. 


Oh hell, may as well prove to lex you get attacked here even if you're blue. 

I got ressed and looted something!
I go bank the spear and return, half the farmers are gone. 
Carmyn killed Otto, Otto gave a count so Carmyn is now red. 
He can't do anything more and leaves. 
Half the farmers in the party system are gone. It's only down to 4 of us, 
so we all use the help menu and go to Delucia. 

One of our farmers gets screwed and Teleporting to Delucia and has to 
use the Help menu a second time!!! (thanks to Ferreau for the pic)

Otto overridden with guilt kills a Shepard and turns red.
We give that girl a chase but she recalled out.


Later we take up battle with Sailor Venus.

Possibly this is the best the farmers did all night!
We form a barrier at the Delucia north gate.
The hide-gatherers are standing just outside the guard zone
trying to lure us closer.

Sailor Venus and Karnivore gang up on us helpless farmers!

We start to test just how far the Guard Zone is.

I like what the guard is saying!

Look how much damage we actually did to that one guy!
It seems attacking armor-less hide gatherers in Delucia was a smarter idea.


Three farmers get too close to the guard zone and get wacked, the rest of us
are picked off one by one once karnivore realized we are all newbie PK's.

At least we got Sailor Venus, thanks to a deadly poisoned weapon from Otto.

After checking the next day, 30 'an angry farmer'
were on Atlantic!

Next time, we do this in Delucia and I'll poison all our weapons!